The Enjoyment of Writing

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The Positive Benefits of Writing, and How to Motivate Yourself to Give It a Go

The Enjoyment of Writing

I can sit at my desk and write for hours. It could be an essay, journal, book, article, or a letter. In fact, it doesn't really matter what it is I am writing, or how frustrating it is, I always get some enjoyment out of my work.

A lot of people find writing boring, and due to the now popular use of technology, many are preferring to type rather than put a pen to paper. I don't have anything against typing; in fact, I spend much of my life doing just that! However, I like to brainstorm my ideas on paper first with a good old-fashioned pen and paper, because doing this gets my ideas flowing.

Writing is good a good way to express many feelings. Sometimes, it can be really difficult to say how we feel using verbal communication, we often feel lost for words, and when we feel like this, we often communicate in ways we don't really mean, or we end up going entirely off the subject. When we write, it gets our brains working and our thoughts in order, therefore it makes it easier to express those words that are too difficult to speak.

Journaling is good for our mental health, as we are able to write about how we are feeling, express anger and upset in a safe way, and talk about private intimate matters with confidence. I use a journal with a lock for this, that way I can be sure that the things recorded in my journal are safe from sneaky eyes.

Writing a story is a great way to unleash our creativity, and immerse ourselves in another world. Our imagination is unlimited and we can make the characters as quirky or as plain as we want, we can switch the focus from one character to another, create our own villains, twists in the plot, create exciting scenery, places and other things as we go along. You do not need the experience to write a great story, you need a good imagination, a sense of humor, and creativity with words. Experience comes to us as we write, and the more we do it, the more we learn.

My own writing started at a very young age. I became intrigued by my favorite Famous Five novels which were created by Enid Blyton. I spent hours in my room, reading these books, sometimes two at a time. I lost myself in a world of action, adventure and mystery, and became hooked into the book. A 'hook' is something to get the readers curiosity, such as an unfolding murder mystery that doesn't give away the murderer but gives very subtle clues. Hooks keep the readers curious and encourage them to read more.

The Famous Five books intrigued me to have a go at writing my own adventure for an English lesson at school. I wrote a story about four children who went on a mission to find hidden gold on an island that was rumored to be covered in hidden treasure by pirates. My teachers found my story so intriguing that I had problems convincing them that it was all my own work!

Today, I have started having a go at writing my own book, and I write articles on the web on many different things. I thought that writing would be something that I would have grown up to hate because I was always surrounded by people who hated writing. When I first started writing, it took me a while to get into it, but after a couple of months, I found that I was doing it regularly and it became enjoyable. One way that I make my writing enjoyable is I do not constantly focus on every single grammar mistake that I make; instead, I try to go with the flow of my words, finish my piece, and check my grammar afterward.

Writing can be a real pleasure to do. You do not have to spend hours doing it like I do; just writing a short piece about what is on your mind, an interesting fact, a poem, or a short story is enough. The trick is to write about what you enjoy, and you will find that the more you do it and become confident, the more you will want to continue to do it.

Carol Townend
Carol Townend
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