The Customer Is Always Right...?

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Stupid Questions You'll Only Hear in Customer Service

The Customer Is Always Right...?

I work at a cashier at Wendy's in an airport, which means I work a lot with customers. Which also means, I hear a lot of stupid questions. Stupid customer questions always make me laugh and give my friends a bit of a laugh too. So to spread the joy, here is a compiled list of my favorite stupid questions.

#1 What's in the combo?

This one is likely the most often-asked question I get and I don't fully understand it. Sure, maybe most people genuinely don't know what comes in a fast food combo. But when has it been anything else but fries and a drink? It's like the most American, stereotypical combination of food. And if you're still confused at my frustration, let me tell you, it's printed on the menu. What comes in a combo is printed. On. The. Giant. Menu.

Which leads me to my next stupid question.

#2 What do you have?

Likely, anything on the menu. This is a real, legitimate question that I have gotten. More than once. People ask me what we have. Errr, excuse me, sir... but did you try reading the menu? That's normally what people do.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind reading you the menu. But only if you have some real, legitimate reason for me needing to, such as if you're blind or you're older and can't see very well. Or maybe if you don't speak English very well. Now those are good reasons for asking that question. But when able-bodied people come in and ask that, it just kinda ticks me off. It is not my job to read our menu out for you. That's why we put it up on the giant screens. For your convince.

#3 Does the cheeseburger come with cheese?

Okay, so I haven't gotten asked that exact question, but I have gotten asked similar ones. I can't stand when a customer comes in and asks me if something comes on what they order when it is very obvious. Now you may be thinking "Well, it's obvious to you what comes on the burger because you work there." Hah. Don't make me laugh. Think it's that simple? How about when the ingredient is in the name of the sandwich? For example, we have a Spicy Asiago Ranch Chicken Club (Try saying that three times fast!) and a customer came up to me, looked me in the eye, and asked, "Does the Spicy Asiago Ranch Chicken Club come with ranch?" Read that again. They asked me if the Ranch Chicken Club came with ranch. Uhhhhh.... yes! Why do you think it was called that? We wouldn't put ranch in the name if it came with ketchup! Duh!

And another good question I got was when a customer came up and asked me if we made our salads with lettuce. Now at the time, I couldn't believe someone could ask such a stupid question. I could do nothing but blink at her and say yes. Now, I get that she probably was just asking if we put spinach or other things in our salads, but regardless the question sounds funny.

#4 Is this Wendy's? No, this is Patrick.

Yes. This is a question I have gotten. Twice. I feel the need to clarify that these are real questions. Because honestly, they are too stupid to make up. Now I might understand if someone called us up on the phone and asked if they called the right place. (Even then, it's a little dumb since you would need to find the Wendy's number and we would likely tell you where you called even before you said anything.) But here's the thing... we don't take phone orders. Some man actually walked into the restaurant, walked through the line, looked up at me, and asked, "Is this Wendy's?" I couldn't comprehend the stupidity of the question. To give him some credit, though, he was an older gentleman and we are in an airport. So at least he didn't drive to the place, walk in and ask that because then I would seriously be worried.

The second time I got asked this question, the guy waited in a very long line while looking down at his phone the whole time. When he finally got up to my register, he looked up from his phone, looked at the menu, and said: "Oh, this is Wendy's." What?! Where did you think you were?! Were you so glued to your phone that you just found a random line to fall into and stayed there? What was your actual plan? I can't even think of an excuse for this guy, I was just baffled.


So there you have it! I could think of a million more stupid things that customers have done at my job. I'm honestly going to need another list! But that's for another day. I hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for more stupid customer encounters! Also, feel free to check out all the other things I have uploaded! Thanks for reading! <3 :)

Sarah Russell
Sarah Russell
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