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The Candle Maker's Husband

So, I married an entrepreneur.

By David BrandyPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

I live in a candle manufacturing plant. No really, I do.

Okay, that is a little bit dramatic, so let me back it up. It's actually a house... where I live I mean, but over the past few years, it has slowly also turned into a place of candle creation. There is a 50-pound wax melter in our bedroom, hundreds of empty candle tins in storage containers, and I have a few dozen candles curing beside me as I type. I live where candles are made.

It started shortly after my wife came home from work after having our son, Ellis.

Ellis and Madison(my wife)

She wanted to be a stay-at-home mom but also wanted to help out with the bills and have something of her own. I am a business owner myself, so I was more than happy to foot the bill of bringing her business to life. She bought her first pouring pitcher, tins, wicks, wax, fragrance oils, and yes, scissors.

After that, I helped her with the legal stuff, like LLC and things along those lines but then she was on her own. She took it upon herself to take lessons online and sought out the exact type of insurance she would need. I honestly can't believe how organized and prompt she was. Her bookkeeping skills are on point.

Anyone who has ever started a business knows that there will be mistakes made and it doesn't always happen as fast as you would like. This has not stopped Madison. As you grow a business, it grows you too, for as cliche as that sounds, it's true. She is tougher, braver, smarter, and even more beautiful because of it.

You will have to gain experience as you go. She made a few mistakes of her own and has perfected her craft of making candles of different sizes. It has even spun off a successful TikTok(all links will be below). This lady is a superhero. I am proud to call her my wife and to work at her business.

It blows me away how quickly she has turned a few melting pots on our stovetop into a business where she not only has a 50-pound wax warmer, a shed exclusively for her business on its way, and now she is teaching classes.

Trimming Wicks

So where do I fit in here? Well, aside from being her initial "investor" I am her "employee." I call it my hobby because it is actually pretty fun! The wax needs to be melted to a high temperature before it can be infused with the fragrance oil and then it has to cool to the right temperature to pour. There is a bit of science behind it and sometimes it feels like I am working in a lab. A really good smelling lab!

Did you know that when candles are made the wicks can be much longer than they need to be? The wick size that my wife uses is a standard 6 inches and the length they need to be for her candles is about 2 inches. Needless to say, they have to be trimmed.

The wick trimmings aren't useless. We try to keep waste to a minimum, so even these extra fire sticks are used. Madison makes fire-starters with them, a bit of wax, and dryer lint. A video of these being made is on her TikTok. After they are trimmed, they get capped, labeled, and then sold!

Can I really call this a hobby?

Our two kids, Ellis and Brezlyn

Can this really be called a hobby when it means so much to our family? This "hobby" of mine is actually my wife's amazing business that will probably bring me home from work one day. This "hobby" brings in extra money and flexibility for us to give our two little ones better lives. Not all hobbies can say that they help change lives, but mine can.


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David Brandy

My very first story crafting was an imaginary game that me and my two younger brothers would play when I was 12. My love of storytelling manifested itself quickly. Today I am a husband, father, and business owner.

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