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The Biography of Anthony Lewis Jerdine - Foundation Wealth Capital (FWC)

Anthony Lewis Jerdine - Being the co-founder and managing partner of Foundation Wealth Capital, Anthony Jerdine president has gained expertise in developing competent, feasible and cost-effective solutions for every aspect of real estate development and business growth.

By Angel DiptiPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Anthony Lewis Jerdine

Anthony Lewis Jerdine comes over as the managing partner of the Foundation wealth trust group, a highly recognized investment firm based in Dubai that specializes in Funding against financial instruments like BG, SBLC, POF or MTN. Besides, he has worked a real estate developer for more than 25 years, something that made him familiar with key domains like Asset management, corporate finance and investment advisory, private equity and venture capital.

Prior putting the Foundation Wealth Trust Group, Anthony Jerdine associated himself with a list of firms in the real estate domain. He worked as a Senior VP and CFO of a private equity real estate firm that specializes in multi-family development.

Besides, Mr. Jerdine has ensured his involvement in almost every aspect of real estate development like underwriting and deal selection, raising capital from private investors and institutions, construction and permanent financing, project management, and design. This is something that infused him with some key experience in every aspect of property management and value-add renovations.

During his tenure as the Senior VP of a private equity real estate firm, Anthony Lewis Jerdine gained some big experience in managing transactions from acquisition to disposition including complex tax structures such as 1031 exchanges, structured finance and complex trusts..

Major Highlights of his Professional Career

Being the co-founder and managing partner of Foundation Wealth Capital, Anthony Jerdine president has gained expertise in developing competent, feasible and cost-effective solutions for every aspect of real estate development and business growth.

Anthony L. Jerdine comes on board with some tactical vision and that’s how he ensures a significant return on investment in each of his transactions. Anthony and Foundation goes hand in hand while transforming ideas into a sheer reality. The Foundation Group is indulged in the land purchase, finance real estate deals, building or having builders build projects, creating, imagining, controlling and orchestrating the end to end process of development.

During his three decades old journey, Anthony jerdine Cleveland Ohio has worked with a list of professionals like architects, city planners, engineers, surveyors, inspectors, contractors, leasing agents and more. Anthony and Foundation Wealth Capital also offers expert consultation in general contracting, sub contracting, construction management, historic restorations, hotel development, casino, resort, mining, mineral, oil and gas projects, multifamily housing developments and commercial office operations.

He carries out the responsibility of instructing all the associated architects, design consultant teams and general contractors towards the achievement of common organizational goals. Anthony is quite familiar with most of the industry insiders and holds some big reputation for managing even the most complex projects, providing effective resolution to various day to day conflicts, streamlining all real estate projects while achieving the desired results in the stipulated time.

Anthony Jerdine holds some big experience and expertise in domains like finance, land acquisition, historic preservation, tax credits, demographic research, financial analysis and modeling, market planning, site selection, cash flow and sensitivity analysis, investment evaluation, securing debt and equity investors, government entitlement, design and construction supervision, contract negotiation, asset management, disposition of assets, tenant lease negotiations, property preservation, property management, luxury sales and development, consulting, private money lending, development, appraisal valuation, private investments, public partnerships.

Anthony Jerdine

Education and Volunteer Experience

Mr. Jerdine graduated as a scholar athlete with honors from Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky.Prior to that, he completed his Diploma in business from Beachwood high school.He further scured a Master of Business administration degree in business management , marketing and related support services from University of Michigan.

Speaking of his volunteer experience, he has been associated as a board member to The Historic Warehouse District Development Corporation, Myers College Minority Contractors Assistance Program, Northeast Ohio Apartment Association, American Red Cross, The Center for Families and Children, The Northeast Neighborhood Development Corporation and The Historic Gateway Neighborhood Development Corporation.

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