The Best Ways to Increase Your Sales Team's Productivity

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Probably you are working as a sales team manager, and you are deeply concerned about the productivity of your sales team.

The Best Ways to Increase Your Sales Team's Productivity

Then we are here to help you to find out some efficient ways to increase your sales team’s productivity.

A sales team’s productivity is calculated by the contribution to the increasing rate of revenue of a company. Sales team management is the key to increasing productivity and relationships with the clients. Sales are formatting and selling relationships. A productive team member is a person, who is more charismatic in nurturing this relationship. This is the essential factor for a company's longevity in the competitive market.

As a sales team manager, it is important for you to keep tabs on your team’s working matrices. It will depend on the amount of time your team members actually spend on relationship build ups and selling. The sales team is the core line of generating revenues for a company, whether it is a renowned one or a startup, and only the sales manager can guide his/her team perfectly to achieve this target.

To reduce your headache as a sales manager, here are some proven ways to increase the productivity of your sales team.

Track your Team

Try to have a schedule of meeting with your sales team. It might be in the first hour of every day, or at a specific time of every week. It is the only way to get the feedback from your team. Also you can give your suggestions and guidelines to boost up the sales. Improving sales productivity will depend a lot on how you manage to coordinate with your team members. Trim the unnecessary meetings or answering to the email which will not generate anything for them. Bundle and monitor your team’s task for maximum efficiency.

The only thing your management will look into is if everything is done supporting the targets you have for your team. No matter how your team has achieved it. To improve the sales target, you need to make an organized structure for your team based on your experiences. For that, your team members need to have a liberal prospect of flexibility and creativity. You need to have a real-time update on the works your members are doing. Especially with the new team member who is still in the training phase. Always coordinating with your members will also help you to generate out of the box ideas, which will ultimately affect the annual sales incentives and performance.

Use Sales Tools and Technology

The implication of technology and sales tools can increase the productivity of a salesperson with high sales efficiency. Mainly for customer-oriented selling, technology shows an outbreak in the performance. Sales tools are vital for you to measure a team member’s performance more accurately. Use digital and social media to sell. Make your team members habits involve doing marketing on social media. Make them familiar with Linkedin sales navigator to generate leads for potential consumers.

Mainly, CRM, schedule, and route planning apps. and lead generating tools are the sufficient ones for your approach. Generate data on average time spent on selling, amount of generated lead per day, approach with the consumers and number of closed deals per day or week. Give your team members all the required gadgets to stay on top of the everyday world. Equip them to do their work in flexible offices like in the coffee shops or airports. It will give them more energy to work for your team. Make your sales and marketing team merge to work together for the valuable projects. Find out the high quality leads together, and turn the leads into sales. The partnership between the sales and marketing department can lead to efficient productivity where all the departments will be on the same page, and all will feel that they have some contribution while pulling out a large project.

Spend More Time on Research

Knowing your client is the first step of closing a deal. Researching on a client or a company can give you a clear idea of what they want. Research is the foremost part of science-based selling nowadays. Every day try to spend an ample amount of time up front on researching about consumer’s behavioral patterns, which will help you to generate innovative ideas that may impress your targeted clients.

Always try to make a standardized process for your team to carry out the discovery. Always make sure you are gathering the rightly penetrated information in the short amount of time. Sit with your team members, and assist them with the research and fact-finding if a large project comes in your way.

Motivate Your Team Members Like Prospects

There is no other way of improving sales performance through motivation. Appreciate their good work, and always have a smile on your face, even though they have done a great error. Act like a doctor or a friend with your team members, rather than being a manager. Often arrange a team lunch or after office get together. It will strengthen the bond among your team members, and trust for you. Be a mentor with your team. Make yourself an ambivert among your sales team so that they can rely on you also.

It is also an excellent idea to have one-to-one meetings regularly, or on a scheduled basis. In this way, you will be able to learn about the barriers your team members are facing or the logistical problems which are demotivating them. Your member is your asset no matter how they perform. As a leader, it is your responsibility to keep them on the right track for your company’s betterment. In the corporate world, 95 percent of the B2B deals are made by the proposal and content a company sends. So you need to spend more time, and motivate them to make a considerable impact on sales growth.

Health and Mindset

Heathier employees will bring more prospects for you. A sales person’s job is one of the most stressful and integrating ones. You need to make sure that your members are right on track based on moral consequences and other health issues. Try to perform some urine tests or medical tests weekly or quarterly to ensure your fellow employees are in good shape.

Showing some consciousness over their health will also create confidence among them, which will lead to a positive mindset. If your team members are healthy and positive they can clearly see the vision of the company, and can merge with the targets easily and confidently.

Improve Training Procedures

Effective and efficient training is the core prospect for a dynamic sales team. You need to be up to date on the world’s sales and marketing trends for generating a training module. It will pay you off in long term sales productivity.

Excellent onboarding for your employees in the first step of generating a strong sales team. Training material for trainers needs to be more organized and interactive. Every lesson you will give to your newly appointed team members will give you a ripple effect on your sales revenue.

Consistently improving and practicing new trends and sales tools can assist you to build up a strong sales team. You need to introduce KPI for your team members from the very beginning. Train them where the deals might slip out of their hands, don’t fall into the trap of sitting idle and taking it all for granted.

Appreciate Job Well Done

In human psychology, a token of appreciation or just a pat in the back gives a gigantic boost up in confidence and spirit. A team member who is motivated and has earned their manager’s praise is simply enthusiastic enough about getting the things done. Always respect and praise your sales team. Pay for the performance of your sales team, which will bring you more profits in future days.

People are not comfortable to let down someone they tend to respect and love. To gain their respect, you need to praise them in their hard-fought works and achievements. Celebrate their wins or success in achieving the targets. It builds morale and makes the days more exciting for your employees. Give them the required space and flexibility to work free and grow professionally. They will certainly repay you with their maximum efforts.


Competition is very fierce in the sales industry. You need to be more innovative and interactive to create fruitful success. You need to be a leader to your sales team who can lead the way, and also take responsibility for any failure. You need to be more innovative to generate ideas, and make them dedicated to their profession.

In this 21st century, a scientific approach and implementing sales tools will assist you to boost up your sales. Build strong teamwork among your team, prioritize their focus and time to turn your team’s leads to sales. The above-mentioned tips can help you to build a strong team, and make a handsome contribution to your company’s revenue earnings.

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