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The ADHD Brain

by Emilie Turner about a month ago in satire
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Life As A Mother With ADHD

6:30 - Wake up before my son wakes up. Make coffee and prepare his morning bottle.

6:45 - Remember I need to brush my teeth before he gets up. I get to the bathroom still holding bottle, why am I still holding it? Put it down, gotta brush hair. Oh gosh, need to clean the sink, it’s still dirty.

7:00 - Baby is awake. Get him up and change him. Time for milk. Where did I put the bottle? Turn the kitchen upside down looking for it. Give up and quickly make a new one before he loses it.

7:15 - Baby all fed and happy. He starts playing with his toys and I remember I need to put my hair up before he pulls it. Head to the bathroom for a hair tie - oh, there’s the bottle! Will pop it in the fridge for later.

7:30 - Need to get breakfast ready. I moved the eggs in the fridge, where did I put them? Why are they in the cheese drawer? Gotta move them back to where they normally are. Why is there a spill in the fridge? Better clean that up.

7:45 - Have to make breakfast, got too distracted. Grab eggs and make an omelette. Did I remember the milk? Yes. I think. Don’t lose focus, don’t burn the eggs.

8:00 - Baby gets breakfast. It’s getting thrown everywhere. I should grab the vacuum to clean up when he’s done. Where did I put it, it’s not charging. Better find it

8:15 - Found the vacuum in the wardrobe. Don’t remember putting it there. Bubba still eating. Did I get him water? Better do that.

8:30 - More play time. Better clean up the mess. Eggs are everywhere. Might as well vacuum the house. Oh, dirty laundry is in the bedroom. Better pop a load on.

9:30 - Nap time. I forgot to clean the eggs up. Stood on a piece as I picked bubba up. Better clean that. Pop bub into bed, time to vacuum. Should get a coffee first. Oh, found my coffee from this morning. Forgot I made it. Better warm it up. Might as well put the dishes away while waiting.

9:45 - Gotta vacuum. Mess everywhere.

10:15 - Did I wake the baby? No, still sleeping. Have to get some work done.

11:00 - Baby is awake. Gotta change him. Get bottle ready, he’s hungry. Forgot the bib. Too late, milk already dribbling.

11:30 - Gotta change bub. Milk everywhere. It’s on his chair, will have to clean that. Should do some laundry, his shirt is gross. Why is there no laundry in his room? Will have to do it next load.

12:00 - Have I eaten yet? Feel hungry, should eat. Will make us both some food. Porridge might be good.

1:00 - I feel like I haven’t done anything. Did I have chores today? I should clean the kitchen. Have to work when he’s napping though, too close to nap time to clean now. The kitchen is dirty though.

2:00 - Nap time. I’m so tired, need a coffee. Better make one. Gotta work.

4:00 - Nap time over. I think I got some work done. Hubby home soon. What am I doing for dinner? Should get bub a snack. Did I change him yet?

4:30 - Hubby home. Takes bub and changes him - swear I already did that. Gotta clean the kitchen. Why are the eggs still on the bench? Better put them back in the fridge. Might put them on a different shelf.

5:30 - Baby gets dinner. Thank goodness I meal prepped his food. Hubby has night routine, should make dinner. What was I doing for dinner again? Pasta I think.

6:30 - Hubby feeds bub his last milk. Was I doing pasta or curry for dinner? I didn’t get the meat out of the freezer, better defrost in the microwave. Oh, there’s my coffee from this morning! Gross.

7:30 - Bub been asleep a while. Dinner is ready. Curry tonight, forgot it was meant to be pasta. No big deal, hubby doesn’t cate.

8:00 - Time to relax a bit. Been a big day. I think I got everything done,

10:00 - Bedtime. So tired, ready to sleep the night away.

11:30 - Wake up with a jolt. I forgot the laundry. Better redo it in the morning.


About the author

Emilie Turner

I’m studying my Masters in Creative Writing and love to write! My goal is to become a published author someday soon!

I have a blog at and I’ll keep posting here to satisfy my writing needs!

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