Thank You To All Essential Workers

It may not feel like it but what you do for the society is much appreciated.

Thank You To All Essential Workers

We're used to thanking the usual front-line workers such as: doctors, paramedics, firemen, policemen, nurses, scientists and engineers. COVID-19 has removed our blinders. There are other front-line essential workers out there. Many of these workers have helped us in our daily lives before the pandemic and we never paid much attention to it either.

Just before the pandemic started we had big conversations as to how we were getting rid of cashiers at grocery stores and some fast food restaurants. The idea of getting rid of these cashiers was a 50-50 argument. A lot of people didn't like it whereas there were some that thought it was a good idea. Sort of like a wave of the future.

Today we realize just how important cashiers can be. They're the ones that can ensure that we're able to purchase our groceries in a clean and safe manner. Should the systems all be automated we would still need someone there to ensure that the screens and scanners are cleaned regularly to avoid the spread of any diseases.

Everyone in these grocery stores play a part in keeping food on our tables. There are people in the back unloading food into the store. There's people that constantly clean the stores so that we don't get contaminated by the disease.

This even goes back to truck drivers and farmers. If it wasn't for farmers and truck drivers we wouldn't be able to eat. These are some of the hardest jobs there are in the world. Especially in this time of hardship. Farmers don't nearly have as much help as they used to because of traveling bans. It's horrible to see them struggling to get everything out to us.

We even look at waste disposal a little differently now. In a world where we need to live in a clean society we have to pay attention to sewage and garbage. They're vital in keeping our society clean and safe.

Government workers are needed as well to ensure that we all get our benefit checks should we lose our jobs. Remember those times when you thought they were overpaid and have easy jobs? They're ensuring that those that need money in this time of need get it.

Mail and package delivery is also a huge deal to us. We need to ensure that we get money and packages to the people we love.

Restaurants and their delivery services have also done a great deal to help society. Some of us are no longer able to get out of the house and we need their services. They have to figure out ways to make these transactions without physically touching anything.

Prior to this pandemic we would never have thought our lives were so interlinked and entangled. It's like a domino effect. One group of people stop working and then a whole cascade of devastation starts to happen. Fortunately for us we have these essential workers to thank for keeping us from living in chaos.

I'd even say we're all essential to help get this virus from getting out of hand. Thank you to all of the essential workers out there but also thank you to everyone else for staying home. Everyone is essential to work together and keep this world safe.

This is much like saying stay at home parents should be considered essential workers as well. They keep their family indoors and away from the disease. Even if you don't have a family you're part of the community and staying at home will help society keep the disease from spreading.

In all of my life I have never seen so much world unity in my life. I see so much generosity throughout the world. The generosity is spread not only within small communities. It spread out throughout cities, provinces, states, and countries. You can see that we all care for one another in hopes that we can help eliminate the virus. Thank you everyone for pulling together. I know we'll beat this virus.

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