Ten Day Writing Challenge

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Installment One

Ten Day Writing Challenge
Installment One

Day One - Seven Problems with Social Media

The social world is a powerful thing in our generation. Unfortunately, it has the power to change people, make them act a certain way or treat others different. Some might make the argument that social media and its short-comings of more harm then good. What's your take on it? Make a list of seven things that you cannot stand when it comes to social media.

Day Two - A Story of Your Favorite Childhood Memory

We all have one, that one thing we all go back to when we're feeling nostalgic or having a bad day, needing to reach backward and hang on to a blissful moment in our childhoods. It could be a simple day, maybe the first time you saw a rainbow or your most memorable birthday. Write about it. Tell the story of the best thing you can remember.

Day Three - Your First Love

This could be the one thing that some might want to forget. Or maybe some of you are in the middle of it. It could be your best and worst memory, your strongest or weakest moment, anything. Or maybe, your first love hasn't happened yet. Tell the story anyway, no matter what it is. Expressing love is therapeutic, the best medicine there is. Nothing wrong with reminiscing on the good ole days.

Day Four - Ten Interesting Facts About Yourself

WARNING. This is NOT an opportunity to make a list about how nice, funny, or good looking you are. Go deep, get detailed. Talk about the skeletons in your closet that shouldn't have been hidden in the first place. What defines you? What makes you who you are? Be persistent. It's fun to brag about yourself every once in awhile.

Day Five - Some Place You've Always Wanted To Go

It could be a coffee place down the street, or a bistro in Barcelona. Write about a travel goal, make a list of places. Anywhere and Everywhere you want to be. Use this page to set goals, mark places on the globe you want to go. World travel is good for the soul, and writing about your dream vacation is just half the journey. Speak it, or in this case, write it into existence.

Day Six - Someone Who Fascinates You and Why

Write about someone you look up to, someone you love, someone you admire. This could be anybody, a celebrity (social media influencers included), it could be friend or family member, or even a fictional character. Write about who you love and why you love them. Admiration keeps you grounded, reminds you that there are goals in life that you intend to reach.

Day Seven - Your First Kiss

I have a feeling that you cringed. And that's okay, I did too. Most peoples first kiss stories are Oscar worthy, and yours can't be much less. Tell the story, as much as it pains you. It's always good to look back if it's for the right reasons. It could have been the saliva smooch of the century or the make out of a lifetime, everyone has a different story to tell. And writing yours is worth the inner "awkward moment."

Day Eight - Best/Worst Books You've Read

This one can be a list or a journal entry, doesn't matter too much. Books are the foundation to the world. Without them, we'd pretty much know nothing. All history was recorded, and a century ago, people didn't the fancy smartphone to do it. Everything, no matter what it, was first written before it became anything else. Books tell stories, books give information, books teach, books encourage, books inspire. So, write about your best and worst, and make sure write down why.

Day Nine - Your Life in Seven Years

Hopefully you like to think about the future, where you'll be and how you see yourself getting there. You can be detailed or vague, broad or specific. Maybe make a side list of small goals that you wish to achieve in order to reach your ideal life in seven years time. It's perfectly alright, to dream about future things. Visionaries are what make the world go round anyway.

Day Ten - Who You Are Today

Once you've completed your round trip journey to the future, it's time to focus on the present. Be as meticulous as possible, revealing your most fatal flaws and deepest fears. Express how you want to go about bettering yourself. Be transparent. There's no point in lying to journal. If you can think of a killer hiding place, no one will ever find your journal anyway.

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