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Technology That Promotes Coronavirus Safety

by Craig Middleton 2 months ago in list

These tech tips can help you and your loved ones stay safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an ordeal that serves as an upheaval of daily life around every corner. People are isolated, and while this is the benefit of general public health and safety, it has been demoralizing. It has also proven to be a challenge for the infrastructure of society to account for. However, there are ample tools out there that can help society adapt to circumstances like these in order to protect the maximum number of people. Here’s what you need to do.

E Commerce

E commerce has been on the rise for awhile now, but it has typically served as more of a convenience than anything. Businesses benefited from more expansive audiences, but consumers stood to gain little more from it than a small amount of effort saved during the shopping process and, occasionally, the only means of finding rarer merchandise. However, the implicit and explicit need to go out sparingly that has been imposed by a global pandemic shines a light on the more practical aspects of e-commerce from the perspective of consumers. For starters, an app on your smartphone can cover most of your needs at the touch of a fingertip. This alone means that people can spend less time risking the spread of the virus to themselves and others. You can also order groceries online in some instances and have them delivered to your car. In grocery stores that you can’t substitute with an app, kiosk wireless technology and self checkout options can break up congregations of people that will naturally result from long lines in traditional checkout lines.

Remote Employment

In much the same way that technology can reduce the number of shoppers that are at risk of contracting coronavirus, it can also offer that same safety to measure to many workers. By definition, remote work must be that which can be done using only a computer, which means that it can’t possibly apply to every job. However, clerical roles are a great example of labor that doesn’t necessitate an on site presence. That means that you can benefit from employment or employees without all of the risk associated with social contact. This has been a major boon to both workers and companies for awhile now, but the pandemic has leaned heavily on remote employment. Google in particular has committed to relying on remote employment until July of 2021 at least in order to make the most of the benefit to the public good that remote employment currently provides. This trend promises to continue even after COVID, because it offers a wider range of options to workers and their employers.


Teleconferencing apps like Skype have, again, long served a purpose that was mere convenience not all that long ago. It made talking to people remotely more enjoyable, depending on who you ask, but little else. However, making face to face contact with loved ones is at a premium under the ongoing pandemic, and that brings the advantages of teleconferencing technology into clear focus. Where people are missing social contact, there is an alternative. It’s not a true substitute for being in someone’s physical presence, but it’s better than nothing. Because of apps like Skype and Discord, friends, family, and even online communities can be there for each other against all odds. People are social animals at the end of the day, so while Skype may be less impressive than the other examples here, it is potentially the single most important thing for helping people stay in good mental health during an incredibly trying time.

Technology exists as a direct result of people trying to solve problems big and small. While technology built with COVID in mind hasn't had time to develop, these examples provide a glimpse into how the natural trend in modern tech development gave the world solutions it didn’t know it needed. These tech tips can help you and your loved ones stay safe in every way possible during this trying moment.

Craig Middleton
Craig Middleton
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