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Taliban Target Minorities.

Taliban Go Back On Word.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read

One remembers the awful images of Afghan civilians running after Allied planes as they flew out of Kabul. The terrible image of a man falling from an Allied plane as it took off. Of Afghan civilians flinging their babies over walls to American and British soldiers. Of Afghans hoping they had the right papers so they could leave with the Allied forces. Many did get out and many are still waiting to get out. Afghans that worked for the former regime and/or the Allies are now in fear of their lives. They are being systematically hunted down by the Taliban.

Women, journalists, activists, and religious minorities, are being subjected to Taliban violence and oppression. So much for the Taliban saying everyone would receive "an amnesty" and there would be no persecution or retribution. Some hoped against hope that the Taliban had become more reasonable, more tolerant. However, other hard-headed observers correctly predicted that a changed Taliban was all talk and so it has proved.

There are videos allegedly purporting to show violence by the Taliban too graphic to show. These videos apparently show violence against minorities who the Taliban said would be protected under their renewed regime. Women have certainly suffered under the regime with girls' schools being closed down. Women newsreaders have been forced to cover up. Male colleagues wore masks in sympathy when they appeared on Afghan television.

818 violent acts have been perpetrated against people the Taliban said they would tolerate. According to Habib Khan of Afghan Peace Watch, 35% of all violent acts have been committed by the Taliban.

Many were angry and could not believe the speed at which Allied forces left the country to its fate. The US was the biggest military presence in Afghanistan. Many recalled the US pullout from Vietnam in the 70s and compared this withdrawal of US forces to that. Many condemned President Biden for this, however, Biden was carrying what Trump had agreed with the Taliban. Trump had signed a peace deal with the Taliban that the US and others would pull out. This would enable the Taliban to take over quickly which is exactly what happened.

Most people coming across the channel in rubber boats to the UK are Afghans. Whatever your views on the migrants the Afghans are fleeing in terror from the Taliban. Those 20,000 lucky enough to resettle in the UK are the lucky ones.

Since the Taliban took over the country the country has sunk back into the dark ages. Not that the previous regime was any better. The sole reason it survived was that Allied forces held back the Taliban and propped it up. Women had more rights and so did men with minorities safer. The previous regime was as corrupt as any government can get. When the previous Afghan leader knew the Taliban were coming to Kabul he fled the country. Taking with him a fortune in financial assets from the country's coffers.

The Allied forces poured time, effort, and money into training and equipping Afghan forces. So as when the time came as Allied forces pulled back or left they would be ready to take on the Taliban. Afghan forces were fine as long as they had Allied forces with them. However, as soon as Allied forces left the Afghan armed forces folded and let the Islamic militants take over the country.

The Americans for example left behind much military equipment. The Taliban must have been overjoyed when they inherited all this equipment. From helicopters, vehicles, weapons, etc, the Taliban soon put it to use. The Americans had disabled much of their helicopter fleet beyond use. So it was thought the Taliban would have no skill to repair the damaged aircraft. However, during a military parade, a helicopter was flying trailing the Taliban flag behind it. The Taliban must have had the skill to get this copter airborne or pilots of the former regime were now flying for the Taliban. Does the question have to be asked how many more aircraft now fly for the Taliban?

The Taliban themselves are facing problems now. The economy has collapsed and services across the country are in a woeful state. Money that was given to the former regime is now frozen and unlikely to be released to Afghanistan's Islamic rulers. The former regime is no doubt resisting the Taliban and Islamic State operatives are causing big problems also.


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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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