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By Camille DellosaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Rowena Tibay, 55, Photo by: Camille Dellosa

Rowena Tibay, a strong mother

The stench of fish and its scales that Rowena Tibay, 55, sells every day at Antipolo City's lumang palengke or wet market is nothing new to her. To her, all of these things are insignificant compared to what she must do to support her three children who are still studying.

Nanay Rowena believes that in order to ensure that her children will continue to strive for their education and have access to food and nourishment on a daily basis, she must double her effort, ‘kayod kalabaw’ as they say, and be stronger to endure all the physical pain she feels.

“Lahat naman ng ito ay para sa aking mga anak, lahat ng ginagawa ko. Kailangan mo talaga kumayod lalo na sa panahon ngayon mahirap na mabuhay sa hingi.” Nanay Rowena explained.

In essence, here you'll witness every day an array of the various fish, meat, and vegetable vendors by the side of the road. These have served as the primary centers for trade and commerce in communities across the nation.

“Nagpupunta ako rito sa palengke ng alas-quatro ng madaling araw, para maabutan lng yung pagbagsak ng mga isda hango sa MLQ yung kamyas at hipon naman galing sa tanay ‘yan,” Nanay Rowena shared.

Even while there will always be busy days in the merkado, the idle days won't disappear and can’t be controlled. When the fish are sold or run out faster than usual, he can go home at seven o'clock in the evening, and at least nine o'clock in the evening is the late hour she can go home.

“Tulad ngayon, naabutan niyo kami rito sa gilid nakain tapos natinda pa, marami-rami pa nga ‘to (benta niyang isda) kaya mukhang mamaya maya pa ako makakapagpahinga at makakauwi sa bahay namin,” she shared.

Despite more than four decades of selling goods in the town of Antipolo, from morning until night, you can still see traces of her smiles, commitment, and desire to support her children every step of the way and does not want her children to suffer in the future.

Rowena Tibay yearns every day for a change that will improve her life with her children.

Edgar Reyes, who became a father

Wanting to fly on his own wings and be independent, Edgar Reyes, 57, challenged his fate when he moved away from his family and lived alone at his early age.

At the age of 19, Mang Edgar lived alone. He lived in several places for 15 years before settling and roaming around in the depts of the wet market in Taytay, Rizal.

He started to permanently dwell in the Merkado of Taytay, Rizal in 2003, and it was during this time that he ultimately faced another challenge day by day in his life.

"Naging mahirap para sa akin. Wala akong pinag-aralan kaya wala rin akong trabahong napasukan. Wala din akong pera. Laboy ako dito sa Palengke. Kasama ko matulog yung mga batang iniwan na ng magulang," Mang Edgar shared.

He also uttelry said that he found it harder and harder to understand the hopelessness of his labor, and that he even turned into one of the street kids begging for spare change or alms from passersby rather than trying to make a livelihood and help others.

"Noong una, nalungkot ako dahil sa sitwasyong pinasok ko. Pero ngayon, hindi na. Mula doon sa mga limos ko, nagtitinda ako ng mga sigarilyo, kendi at biskwit hanggang sa makaipon ako at makaupa ng maliit na matutuluyan. Naging bagong pamilya ko yung mga bata dito." he happily and proudly shared.

He asserts that he has no regrets about having dreams of being independent from his family. He now wishes for the kids that are with him to soar toward the path that will lead to success and happiness, free from the misery and poverty they currently live in.


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