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Starting My Digital Nomad Dream

by Kristi Jacobsen 6 months ago in travel

Why I decided to become a digital nomad during a global pandemic

Starting My Digital Nomad Dream
Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Five years ago, if you told me I would quit my full-time job to become a digital nomad and check places off my bucket list, I would have told you that you are absolutely insane.

Yet, here were are, late-2020 amidst a global pandemic, and I quit my job to build my own business, write, and travel the globe.

Given the state of the world, the "travel" part likely won't come for a time, but I plan to build everything up so I can hit the ground running when borders reopen.


Why go remote?

I spent the last two years building a virtual services business as a side hustle, with intentions of taking it full time at some point in time. I had a full-time job with benefits and some amazing co-workers and still wanted to gain some experience, but COVID-19 threw a wrench in my plans. My company relocated Los Angeles personnel to the head office in another city and state. Though I was offered a relocation package, I felt like it was the right time to completely dive into my business.

It was more than taking my business full-time. I work to travel and see the world, experience new cultures, and meet new people. But working a corporate 9-5 job where you're required to work in the office means that travel is limited to one or two weeks a year.

Anyone who has ever traveled to Europe or Asia from the US knows it's nearly impossible to see everything on your list in that amount of time. It's also not enough time to stop, relax, and reset. You spend the first week of vacation just winding down from work and all the to-dos. Then, if you're lucky enough to have the second week of vacation, you get to spend that time actually enjoying the trip.

Becoming a digital nomad with my own business will mean I can travel the world and decide when and how long I take a vacation. I won't need to worry about taking time off for appointments or trips to visit my family, and I can set a schedule that works for my clients and me.

So, with over 5 years at my current company and a desire to fully immerse myself in new countries and cultures, I declined the offer and decided to take my side business full time in 2021.

And what better way to start off my podcast management and launch consulting business than with a(nother) new podcast.


Bucket List Nomad Blog and Podcast

I'm a serial blog and podcast creator. I can't even begin to count how many blogs I attempted to start over the years, and only one (that turned into my business) stuck. Luckily, I can count how many podcasts I have on the go (three for now).

As a podcast manager and consultant, I love the medium and how it connects audiences. I also love how a blog and social media can supplement the podcast, giving a visual to go along with the audio.

I'm excited to launch both the Bucket List Nomad blog and podcast this fall to share my journey from a 9–5 to the digital nomad lifestyle. While there won't be too much of the "nomad" part, I'll share how I'm building my business and freelance career, my best travel tips, and creating a lifestyle that suits my wanderlust heart.

Episode one of the Bucket List Nomad podcast is live, so be sure to subscribe to catch each episode as it launches! And don't forget to follow the Instagram page for more photos, videos, and adventures: @bucketlistmode.

Kristi Jacobsen
Kristi Jacobsen
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