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Sqribble Review 2021 - Sqribble Demo and Everything You Need To Know!

Find out if Sqribble ebook creator is any good for you also watch the Sqribble Demo video and learn everything about this ebook generating Software.

By ReviewdunkPublished 2 years ago 8 min read
Sqribble Review

Sqribble promises to help entrepreneurs, designers, and other professionals with their ebook, whitepaper, or report-creating needs that too without typing a single word

Is it true or a hoax that is what is revealed in this Sqribble Review?

Starting with...

What is Sqribble?

Sqribble is a reliable e-book and whitepaper creator tool offering gorgeous templates to help the user design unique and innovative lead magnets. Designing these with great care is essential as these reports alone decide how engaging the audience finds these and thus determining the conversion of leads indirectly.

The market is flooded with several designing tools. However, there are multiple factors that make this e-book designer stand out from all of these.

The several other designing tools that are found online are absolutely not reliable. Besides, they are not replete with a wide range of templates. In fact, the designs that are made available to the users look old and dull.

On the contrary, Sqribble is reliable and has a super smooth UI with no buggy performance. It features 15 niche categories, an endless number of pages, over 300 Google fonts, an automatic content engine, 1000+ stock library and so on.

Coming to the marvelous part of the Sqribble, the users won't have to spend time downloading the software or installing the app on your Mac or Windows. The Sqribble e-book creator is a cloud-based tool. This implies that you can use the tool and access it any time you want and that too from any device you choose to.

The start-up or business owners, managers of any brand or enterprise will now no longer have to struggle with gathering new subscribers. The attractive templates of the Sqribble will lead to the creation of eye-catching e-books that will, in turn, help the businesses gain new email subscribers in large numbers.

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Creator of Sqribble

The mind behind Sqribble is Adeel Chowdhry. He is also one of the contributors to the productions of the Social Studio FX, Pixel Studio FX, and several others. He has immense expertise in the digital industry and has also been featured in "The Laptop Millionaire".

Adeel conducts several coaching programs and learning events worldwide to train aspiring internet marketers in swelling their sales and profits. He created Sqribble so that any individual, irrespective of whether he/she possesses any technical skills, can easily design e-books and other projects.

This Sqribble is imbibed with several rich templates, royalty-free images, web icons, and so on. Anyone can use this amazing platform to design their personal projects, agency website and can even take part in the sale of e-book services to their prospective clients.

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What are the Features of Sqribble?

  • The e-book gets filled with content from multiple sources automatically. So, the users won't have to go through a hard time wearing the keys of the keyboard.
  • The tool offers a ready-made table of contents and beautiful themes.
  • Headers and footers are automatically added to the content. A professional look can be given to the whitepaper or e-book by inserting the details of logo, contact details, Call-To-Action (CTA).
  • The pages of the e-book are numbered automatically, thus saving the users' time and effort to a great deal.
  • Sqribble has a unique Drag and Drop Technology by which the designers can easily select, drag and then drop the content to this tool.

How to Use Sqribble?

The users can choose from 50 various vibrant templates that the platform offers. The design and colors of the pages of the books can be customized and adorned in the way the designers wish.

Each template features the table of contents as well as page layouts that will instantly make a mark on the readers' minds and turn them into buyers. Such is the power of the platform in generating converts!

Sqribble DEMO Video

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People having a blog or website will be greatly benefitted by working in this method. After finding a URL, it has to be copied and then pasted in the Sqribble platform. The users will be amazed to witness their website or blog page changing instantly into an eye-catching e-book. The HTML coding will be removed and the content present in the website or blog will be used.

Type Out The Content

Just the content has to be typed out in the Sqribble tool, in the same way as you would have typed it in Word. The content will be drastically changed and it will take up the form of a marvelous digital book.

Copy-Paste Manually

The users can also try out this method of designing e-books in the Sqribble. The content present in any Word file or Google Docs has to be copied and then simply pasted in the tool so that a well-illustrated e-book is developed.

Simply Upload The Word File

Sqribble is a very smart tool that can also design the content after the Word file is uploaded here. Any kind of odd formatting will be removed and an eye-pleasing e-book will be designed.

Make Use Of The Article Collection

This e-book designing platform has a large storehouse of private label articles. These articles can be used by anyone without having to pay any price. The designers are also relieved from giving due credit to the authors or linking to the original sources. A well-comprehensive e-book of high quality can be created with the Sqribble.

Use The Editing Screen

This tool also makes available to the users a well-packed editing screen that lets the users utilize a wide range of editing tools. Resizing the text, adding links, media files, CTAs, new pages, and several other functions are possible with the Sqribble. So, the users get to create the e-book in the way they like!

Pricing Of Sqribble

The actual worth of the service offered by Sqribble is $197 and that its present price might get increased to this amount in the future. But, as for the present, the users can avail the benefits of the tool just at the basic price of $67.

Sqribble Professional (Pro)

This option of the e-book designer tool will let the users access about 150+ highly professional templates and rich graphics. No matter in which niche you are creating content, you will obviously get some matching templates. For people dealing with diverse marketing content, Sqribble Professional (Pro) is going to be the most helpful one.

Sqribble Prime

The purchasers of Sqribble Prime will receive 15 premium, limited edition templates for e-book on a monthly basis. 2 bucks is the approximate price for each template.

Sqribble Fantasia 3D

The users get to utilize some fantastic tools for 3D cover creation. Using the tools available under this package will result in the production of e-books that will have high graphical quality and rich life-like visuals. Flipbooks can be easily designed with 3D tools and these can be linked to any website.

Auto Job Finder Tool

The platform of Sqribble can be directly used to make money. If the designers purchase this package, the tool will automatically send them notifications about designing jobs from multiple freelance websites. As a result, the users can save a great deal of their precious time and can also have a good source of income.

You can place your order by clicking here!

Pros And Cons Of Sqribble


  1. The user won't have to go through the hassle of any procedure of downloading or installation of the software. This is because Sqribble is a cloud-based tool.
  2. Varieties of templates are available here, and these match well with diverse content niches.
  3. The presence of an automated content engine relieves you from taking the pain of writing the content. Proper headlines and bullets will be added to the content automatically.
  4. If the users purchase the commercial license made available by the Sqribble, they can easily sell their beautiful templates and e-book designs and can make a good income from these.
  5. Sqribble is a great tool for anyone engaged in digital marketing.


The only demerit of the Sqribble is that you won't be able to access the advanced and fantastic features available here as these are commercial and are to be purchased separately. The designs or templates available in the basic or free plan are not that eye-catching or fascinating as that of the paid plans.

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Final Words: Is Sqribble Ideal For You?

Sqribble is an excellent tool for freelance designers, digital marketers, business and start-up owners, and content marketing agencies.

Starting from the publication of Kindle books, whitepapers, newsletters, e-books, lead magnets, and so on, Sqribble can be a good helpmate of the designers.

Anyone who purchases the Commercial Agency License can actually make room for extra sources of income. The obtained license will permit them to create any kind of graphical designs and sell them to the clients on the website of Sqribble.

An agency website with an already-filled portfolio is provided to the users. The designers can then upload the portfolio to their own domain. This will enable their clients to see and access them.

As you have nothing to lose and everything to gain consider giving Sqribble a try.

Try Sqribble Today 100% Risk-FREE!

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