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Sometimes Co-Workers are Difficult to Deal With

by Pamela Dirr 2 months ago in workflow

but I still go to work anyway

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I love my job. No, seriously, I really do. I’ve been there for a few years. I enjoy it. Like the actual work of it. I’m not there just because of the money. I really do actually enjoy it. The work itself I mean. And most of my co-workers. But there are a few who make me feel like I’d rather just stay home. Those people make it unbearable to the point where I don’t like going to work. Honestly, I actually sometimes hate going to work. But I go anyway. Why? Because like I’ve already said 3 times lol I enjoy the work. But how do I deal with those colleagues who make the work less desirable for me? I put on the fake smile and fake happy attitude, and I go in anyway.

I’m not a fake person. I’m really not. What you see is what you get with me. But, I don’t like people knowing when I’m miserable. Especially at work. So what can I do about it? Well for starters I try to make sure I get a good night’s sleep the night before. No use in being tired at work when you know that your co-worker(s) is (are) going to make the time difficult for you anyway. So the first thing is to get a good night’s sleep. I’ve also started getting into the habit of just laying in bed and relaxing for a few minutes when I wake up in the morning. No need to rush anything – ever. Just take your time to get your day started. At least your day won’t start out stressful. Next – drink some water when you get out of bed. Doesn’t have to be a gallon or anything major like that. Just a glass of water will be fine. And besides, water really is the best thing to drink and keep you hydrated anyway.

What else do I do to keep my cool with someone who sucks the coolness right out of me? I try to not talk with them. Sometimes I have no choice but to speak with them because we have no choice but to work with each other at times. But I try to keep the talking to a minimum. The person overanalyzes and overthinks literally everything. If I say, “Good morning” and I don’t have a smile on my face, then the person thinks I’m in a bad mood and starts questioning me as to what is wrong. I understand that some people are just like that, but if you really paid attention to my personality, you’d see how I am. Please don’t overthink what I do. Please don’t try to “analyze” me because you’re convinced that there is something “wrong” with me. Everyone is different. I’m sure that co-worker wouldn’t want me to analyze him/her.

How to I deal with a colleague who is attention-seeking to the point that they turn other people against me? When someone gets falsely accused of things – and is able to prove that the accusations were incorrect – and the accuser is still able to persuade other co-workers that you did something wrong, well you kind of just have to try to ignore it as much as possible.

I don’t go to work to make friends. If friendship form at work then that’s fine. But my primary purpose of going to work is money. I enjoy the actual work; if I didn’t, then I would be working somewhere else. And I’ve been working so hard to advance to the And I’ve been working so hard to advance to the next level at work (and I’m almost there – only a few more things that I have to do to get to the next step). I can’t stop now. I want to reach the next step.

Now don’t get me wrong – there are plenty of co-workers who are really good and who are really trying to help me get through these steps. Those are the ones who really truly want to see me succeed. I try to keep that in mind as much as I can.

(I know this entire thing seemed pretty vague. I didn’t say what I do. I didn’t disclose where I work. I didn’t say if the co-worker(s) is (are) male or female. I did that because I wanted to keep the privacy of the company because of the type of work it is. But I also wanted to write the post because I wanted to get a few things off my chest. And also, who knows? Maybe someone out there reading this has had a similar experience and can relate to some of what I’ve written)


Pamela Dirr

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