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Social Media Isn't Working

Time to do less mind-numbing scrolling

By Melissa SteussyPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read
Social Media Isn't Working
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All I am seeing is regurgitated lip-syncing and dances that are getting old. I am glad that Reels and Tik Toks are so popular, but I still don’t see the appeal. I honestly feel super uncomfortable watching them at times.

I am so sick of seeing the same old videos. Don’t get me wrong, some are well done, but my social media experience has been lacking for some time now.

Yes, I could take a break or delete the apps. I could unfollow accounts that annoy me or don’t speak to me which I definitely do, but I also enjoy certain aspects of being on social media and just want to make my experience better.

I truly don’t know the solution, just that I am over it as it stands right now.

I know many of us that can waste hours of our day just scrolling mindlessly every chance we get; in the bathroom, while waiting in line at the market, while sitting in the car getting ready to go into the market, and ad Infinitum. It can be a joyful way to get some satisfaction while say, having lunch or taking a break at work, but have you noticed sometimes when you pick up your phone your fingers automatically look for the most-used apps. It’s like a habit. For fun, I have deleted the apps and the next few days were a struggle while I would catch my fingers searching for those apps because I had made it such a repetitive part of my day. I will set my phone down upside down to remind myself I am taking a break and a few minutes later I will notice it in my hand again.

Addiction much?

I am the first one to admit I am addicted to my phone and the mostly mind-numbing content I seek. I pride myself on not watching TV much, but I truly don’t think this is a better way to spend my time.

I would like to be more conscious and mindful of what I spend my time on. When I find myself not wanting to get off of my phone or not realizing how much time has gone by that I was just scrolling and coming up empty I kind of get worried about my direction in life.

We want our kids to limit screen time, but here we are not modeling much abstinence from our devices (I speak for myself, but who can relate?)

I heard someone say, “are you doing social media, or is it doing you?” and that is an extremely relevant question for me right now.

If I truly am sick of the images I am seeing why am I going on day after day, hour after hour?

I am sure people are just as sick of me as I of them. So, what’s the solution?

I have taken a 40-day sabbatical from socials before and came out so refreshed. I was a new woman. I had such a different take on what I was looking at, but I admit now I am in a comatose state and something in me wants to turn my brain off. There has to be a better way. I know that I could do a yoga class instead or seek actual inner peace through meditation. I could do my workout without looking at my phone. I could talk to another human while on a break at work versus head down on my device.

I am truly worried about our younger generation’s brains and development and also worried that our adult brains or degenerating from all of the garbage we look at to get to the good stuff. Happiness has to be on the next video, right? If I just keep scrolling I will find contentment, yes?

What are we seeking? I know that I am seeking connection and a community. Many of the videos I watch or am attracted to are people I have never met. I do find inspiration in many pages and videos and then many more that make me feel perturbed and annoyed. Is it worth it?

I also tend to isolate myself. For me, I know that hiding behind a screen and not having in-person social interactions isn’t good. It’s safe, but it isn’t good for my psyche to be glued to social media and having interactions with people I really don’t know in person.

This isn’t a how-to article by any means, but it is meant to make us perhaps stop and think about our social media usage and how it is benefiting our lives as a whole. Some people are so creative and must have fun making videos to entertain others and that is great for them. Some people seem to be just attention seekers that want to get followers and to me, it can feel fake and spammy.

I really am aiming to have more authentic relationships within my social media world.

I hope this gave some food for thought. We have to be aware of a situation before we change it and I think I just admitted that I am powerless over social media and that my life is unmanageable or at least not going in the direction I would like. So it's time to make a change.

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