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Skills Every Professional Chef Should Learn: Tips by John Polit

“If you want to become a great chef, you have to work with great chefs. And that's exactly what I did”. -Gordon Ramsay

By ShubhangiPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Yes, to be a chef it is important to have talent. But you also need a number of qualities and knowledge of expertise to enhance and boost your career as a professional. Every aspect will be essential and also decisive to achieve the success, that is why culinary expert John Polit shared some tips to become a skilled chef.

Skills and knowledge that every trained chef should count:


One should never be in hurry while cooking food as the more patient the cooking is, the better it comes out.However speed is a skill that every professional chef must count because it maintains the flow necessary for operations to run their course.

-Know the basic inventory procedures:

It's more than clear that every chef should know how to cook, but it's also important to combine that talent with the management skills needed in any business. For the preparation of the dishes, it is vital to know how much product is available in the cupboards, what their status is and the amount of each product you will need. This will prevent the waste of both money and products.

-Knows the importance of order and cleanliness:

According to John Polit Ecuador,a certified cook must follow a series of basic hygiene, ordering and cleaning procedures for the correct preparation of the dishes. In addition, this will also allow us to gain the trust of the diners.

-It has a good palate:

To create new and flavour-laden dishes, every ulinary artist should rely on sense of taste to analyse the affinity between different foods. A good palate also fuels creativity, so they are traits that your diners and colleagues will also appreciate. This is a very important skill.

-It makes sense of aesthetics:

Although it seems hard to believe, emplatado is a complex and job-needed process. It is not easy to arrange food in a certain way to attract the attention and open the appetite of diner. That's why every professional chef has ability to make the diner "fall in love with the food" at first sight, through presentation, because he knows that food enters through his eyes.

-It is proactive:

In the kitchen there is always something to do, it is an environment that never rests. A gourmet chef is always attentive and ready to work at all times. Seeking to collaborate with another area, do complicated tasks, and maintain a proactive attitude will make overall performance more positive.

-Know the basics of chemistry and physics:

A culinary artist is a kind of scientist in the kitchen,especially when he seeks to understand the flavours and aromas that come from food and its different cooking processes. Both physics and chemistry are fundamental resources for understanding products and for the production of new dishes. Without this, you'll be left with a very limited range of action.

-You are familiar with local and international cuisine:

A professional chef should have no limits in terms of knowledge of the cuisine of his environment and the international one. To achieve this, it is necessary to research, know, ask and acknowledge the ingredients of the area or any country. Food is also conditioned by culture and traditions.

-Master bakery and pastry techniques:

It is true that it is becoming common for restaurants to provide bakery and pastry services, in order to expand the supply of products. The need for a professional chef to have the expertise in both areas will represent a competitive advantage over other colleagues.

Every cuisinier must possess essential features that allow him to boost his career with the greatest success. You can join John Polit Ecuador institute to enhance your cooking knowledge and skills.


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