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SEO Tips for Vocal Writers - Cat Scratch Success

SEO Hack Revealed!

By Joshua WilsonPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Have you ever wondered how certain vocal media posts manage to get more reads and hearts? It might be by attracting a significant amount of organic traffic through SEO!

In the following, we dive into an intriguing analysis of a post on Vocal Media's horror category titled "Cat Scratch" which has been receiving an astonishing amount of organic search traffic.

Join me as I uncover the secrets behind its success and explore the useful information it presents for Vocal Media writers. But first, let's understand the remarkable statistics that have caught my attention.

Analysis of the Post

The post in question, which you can find here - Cat Scratch, has managed to accumulate a total of 524 organic searches each month. With a concise word count of just 622 words, one might wonder how it ranks well and continues to receive such remarkable traffic. The answer lies in a combination of factors that we'll explore in detail.

Keyword Insights

Among the 23 keywords that this post ranks for, the most notable is "cat scratch game". Surprisingly, despite the lack of extensive content or complex explanations, this post has managed to rank highly for this keyword, "cat scratch game" keyword receives an impressive monthly search volume of 5,400 and from that traffic, this post receives 524 visitors through organic search which. How did it achieve this feat? Let's find out.

Understanding Google's Algorithm

One key factor contributing to the post's success is the scarcity of search results for the keyword "cat scratch game." When the number of relevant results is low, Google strives to display the most relevant content available. Hence, it selected this post and elevated its ranking. It's a remarkable example of how less competition can provide an excellent opportunity to rank highly and attract substantial organic traffic.

Optimizing for the Keyword

By incorporating easily rankable keywords like "cat scratch game" all over the post at reasonable places, creators can significantly enhance their chances of driving high organic traffic but remember that you don't overdo it and change the context of the writing.

Including the keywords strategically while maintaining the quality and coherence of the content can work wonders in attracting search engine algorithms.

Key Takeaways for Vocal Media Writers

The keyword "Cat Scratch Game" is remarkably easy to rank for. A simple way to check such keywords is by searching for the keyword on Google and navigating beyond the 5th page. If you find a lack of relevant content, it indicates that the keyword is easily rankable and presents a promising opportunity.

When crafting content around the keyword, remember that it pertains to the convey the actual content. Expanding the word count while preserving the quality and depth of the content can help improve the chances of ranking highly.

Such keywords can boast a high search volume, suggesting a significant demand for content related to the keyword. By capitalizing on such opportunities, Vocal Media writers can attract a substantial amount of organic traffic.

Empowering Your Writing Journey

The success story of the "Cat Scratch" post on Vocal Media's horror category unveils valuable insights into search engine optimization. By understanding the dynamics of keywords, competition, and Google's algorithm, Vocal Media writers can leverage this knowledge to boost their own organic traffic. I encourage you to explore these strategies further and unlock the potential for success in your own writing endeavors.

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