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Questions to Ask at a Job Interview

by Glenn Bushinski 5 years ago in advice
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Are you applying for a new job? Be geared up for success by knowing which questions to ask at a job interview.

The interview process can be scary and cause you to tense up when you're unsure of what to expect and how to land a successful job. But these tips on what to ask at a job interview will help you feel less stressed and more confident in landing the job of your dreams. To give a killer interview make sure to de-stress before you go in for an interview, have an adequate night of sleep, and do research about the company ahead of time.

What do you consider the most important qualities to be successful in this position?

This is a great question to ask at a job interview because you get to know what the employer considers the best qualities for someone in this role. You want to know ahead of time what the employer is seeking so that you don't disappoint them or not meet their expectations. When you find out the best qualities needed for this position, you should convince the interviewer that you have these characteristics.

How would you describe the culture of the company?

This is a beneficial question to ask at a job interview so you know if your personality will fit in with the rest of the employees. Ideally, you want to know what the company does for fun and the structure of the company. If you realize that you don't like the work environment, it's better to know this ahead of time rather than months after working there.

Where do you think this company will be in five years?

Asking the employer about the future of the company is a smart way to find out about the goals of the company and the employees' work ethic. Most employers will give you a very detailed answer about where they see the company and reveal their hopes and dreams for the company. They will also tell you what positive actions they have done to work towards this goal and highlight any big achievements.

What do you enjoy most about working for this company?

If you don't want any surprises, a good question to ask at a job interview is to find out what employees enjoy most while working for the company. If you know this information ahead of time, you can find out if you will fit in with the company and learn about the positive aspects of the company.

How would you describe a typical day and week in this role?

While you're talking to the interviewer, you should ask this question so you know about the daily roles and tasks that you are expected to complete. Also, it will tell you more about the lifestyle of the company and be helpful in knowing whether or not you'll fit in with this company. You should be prepared to know about the exciting and mundane aspects of this position and how many hours you will be working each week. The worst scenario is accepting a position and not knowing what to expect.

What are the prospects for growth and advancement?

This is a key question to ask at a job interview so you understand ahead of time if you will have any chance of getting a promotion or some benefits. Hopefully, you will find out that after working for the company for a particular amount of time and doing a good job you will be rewarded with a raise in pay and some benefits.

What are the biggest challenges for this position?

This is a necessary question to ask at a job interview so you know the most challenging tasks you might need to face. In order to be successful at your job, you should know ahead of time what struggles you might need to face so you can mentally prepare yourself and find out how to face them.

Do you have any concerns about my qualifications?

This is an important question to ask at a job interview because you're showing strong interest in how you want to succeed and help ease the employer of any concerns they may have about you. If the employer brings up a specific part of your résumé that they are worried about, you should immediately reassure them that you are the right person for this role. It's beneficial to address their concerns with respect and honesty. If they do research on your background and find out you lied to them, you definitely will not be getting the position.

What are the biggest rewards you receive while working for this company?

Asking about perks is a necessary question to ask at a job interview because you get to know how the company treats their employees and if they treat them fairly for hard work. Generally, great companies reward their employees and are more successful since they attract better and more skilled employees. People who are qualified for a position will only work for the company if they fill they will be compensated for their hard work.

Do you have an employee performance review process? If you do what is involved in the process?

This is a great question to ask at a job interview because you want to know the structure of the company and understand how you could potentially be reviewed. It's better for you to know this process ahead of time so you're not shocked about a review process. If this is a job you're passionate about, it's in your best interest to know if and how you will be reviewed so you can besuccessful.


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