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Outrageous laws and regulations around the world

by Na Dunshie 2 months ago in humor
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Outrageous laws and regulations around the world

1. Keeping Fat Dogs and cats affects animal rights In Britain, owners can be punished

The British government has ruled that owners of fat dogs and cats can be punished, or even jailed, for affecting their rights. The British government believes that cats and dogs too fat, will make cats and dogs very painful, seriously affect the rights of cats and dogs, owners who do not allow cats and dogs to fast, weight loss, will be punished. The maximum fine is 20,000 pounds. Owners can also go to jail for up to a year if their cat or dog's rights are severely compromised. The latest draft of pet welfare published by the UK's Department of Environment and Food also requires owners to give their pets proper entertainment and pay attention to their mental health. Cat owners must put bars on the upstairs Windows to keep cats from falling down. It is forbidden to walk dogs during the hottest part of the day to avoid heatstroke. The opposition Conservatives say this goes too far. They say it is absurd that the government says owners should not walk dogs on hot days.

2. New Zealand's Christchurch casino has a bizarre policy: No boobs allowed

"Big breasts" is one of the modern pursuit of many women, but "too big breasts" is not necessarily a good thing. At the very least, in New Zealand's Christchurch casino, bobbies are a reason to be denied entry. Helen Simpson, 33, from Nottingham, was once turned away by casino staff because she had a pair of very nice breasts. She later recalled that she wanted to go inside and try her luck, but the casino employee told her to "put on a coat or leave."

3. Taiwan wants to require spousal consent for adults to engage in sex work

In order to decriminalize and punish sex workers, Taiwan's interior ministry has drafted a draft law on the Management of adult sex Trade, which stipulates that married adult sex workers must obtain consent from their spouses before engaging in sex work. If their spouses do not consent, they are still guilty of adultery and their partners can request a divorce. But many sex workers say no.

4. An American university has ordered overweight students to lose weight before they graduate

In November 2009, the University of Lincoln in Pennsylvania mandated that seniors who weigh more than the required amount must take fitness and weight loss classes in order to get their diplomas. The announcement of the news immediately caused a strong dissatisfaction among students, some students even sarcastically said that he was to study, not the school too fat, weight loss class.

5. The Royal Navy has introduced a new rule banning girls from being brought on board

The Royal Navy has banned sailors from carrying sexy posters of three-page girls on board warships and will have to hand over all "yellow" posters that have been brought on board. The order, issued by Vice Admiral James Burnell-Nukin, also makes it illegal to brag about one's sex life to fellow sailors on a warship. There was uproar among the Royal Marines when the ban came out. A former officer in the British navy, puzzled by the ban, said: "There must be something wrong with British politics.

6. India has banned unmarried non-virgins from receiving government wedding subsidies

Women in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh have been ordered by the government to undergo special pre-marital tests before marriage to determine whether they are still virgins or not pregnant. Fifteen who failed the tests were denied the right to marry. The popularity of mass weddings is said to be the reason for the government's decision. Under the rules, the government will contribute 70 euros per couple. Analysts say that the government s move is aimed at reducing unnecessary support for weddings.

7. According to Italian law, if you keep a dog without walking it, you will be fined

The council of Turin, a city in northern Italy, has enacted a local law that sets out specific rules on how pet dogs should be treated. The main idea is that dog owners must not mistreat their canine friends, but must also ensure that they enjoy their lives. Under the rules, dog owners who fail to take their canine friends out for a walk three times a week could be fined 500 euros. Other rules are meticulous, such as that owners must not dye their dog's down for aesthetic reasons or cut the tail hair short. In enforcing the rule, police will rely mainly on reports from informants, who will naturally be rewarded, the local newspaper said.


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