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Who doesn’t like to play quizzes and win prizes? The youth nowadays are always interested to have a quiz faceoff in online contests. This is one of the best practices to use for the business promotion of your brand.

According to a survey, 34% of increase in audience engagement of a product promotion is seen through online contests. People always like to be entitled as a winner and for it they are always tempted to play games and quizzes. This human nature can be used by a digital marketing person.

An effective contest marketing strategy can drive brand awareness, product promotion, do market research, and get new leads into your pipeline using social competition.


Most of the work that is important and essential is in the pre-launch stage. Let us have a look at the step-by-step guide for contest marketing to boost your business promotion.

1. Know the intention of the online contests

The marketing team must decide the objective of the contest that is to be launched. This contest must fulfill the marketing requirement of the business.

The intentions of the contest can be:

Product promotion: a specific product that needs to receive the desired popularity can be promoted through an online contest.

Product launch: A new product launch event can be hosted through this contest marketing strategy in order to spread awareness about it among the audience.

Gaining followers on social media: these are the contests which help you gain popularity on social media through its tasks.

Market research for business promotion: contests can also be used to determine the target audience, get reviews and feedbacks, determine the public interest about your product and also for the future business decisions.

2. Choose your audience

Take some time to think about the interest of your target audience. The contest should be built in order to attract and serve the aimed audience.

The type of contests should be decided on the basis of the interest and requirements of the targeted audience.

The product launch events need to have a thorough survey of the type of contests that can attract the customers.

3. Decide the type of your contest

• Photo contest

• Video contest

• Compare contest

• Live contest

• Quiz contest

• Text writer

You will get more entries when it is easier to sign up for it. While selecting your contest type, you need to decide how much money you want to spend and how much time you’ll need to prepare for and administer the online contests.

You will have to consider the cost of the rewards as well as the ad budget if you’re going to run any paid ads online.

4. Define contest rules

You have to consider the taxes and limitations for the contest with respect to your budget. The contest rules and tasks can be decided according to this.

The contest rules must not be too difficult for the audience so that they are attracted to participate in it. The rules should also follow the community guidelines of the internet.

5. Create awareness about the contest

Product launch events, product promotion, etc needs to have a strong publicity over the internet. This is why we strategized online contests. But even for this the audience or the customers should be aware of the contest being held. This awareness can be created through social media platforms.

6. Decide rewards for the winners

The participants must get the rewards that they deserve. The winners should be awarded with prizes and gifts so as to encourage more people to participate in future online contests.

Also giving promotional gifts as giveaways can be a great platform to create audience and increase business promotion.

7. Monitor the results of the contest

What you learn from one marketing contest should feed into your larger branding strategy and inform how you run future contests.

The data that you have received from the contests and the statistics that are seen can be used for future marketing strategies.

Audience involvement is a something that makes online marketing better than traditional marketing. Contests make people involve in the marketing strategy and also be the catalyst that carries the promotion forward. There are many pros for the same. People are more willing to share information and answer questions when there is a chance to win rewards and gifts. Take advantage of this to conduct some user research. For example, you can collect contact information that you can use for gaining customers. A business promotion can improve with such simple steps.


Social media platforms like UPMIUP, make it easy for the businesses to launch these contests. With specially designed app for the crowd engagement purpose and unique marketing strategies, UPMIUP lets you promote your business without any headaches. It provides various types of contests along with a special feature of private contests where you can customize your contest according to your brand and products. As its tagline says, “succeed with pleasure!”

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