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N.J. Dad Gets Kidney Assist From A Soccer Mom

Dan Kidney Recipient New Jersey

By Mehak Abdul RehmanPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

“Words can’t express how that act of selflessness has transformed me and gives me a new lease on life.”

Dan received a life-saving kidney through living donation after battling advanced kidney disease for six years. This procedure is expanding the supply of kidneys and livers available to more than 100,000 people who are desperately waiting for an organ transplant.

Dan, a father of three boys, exclaims, "Molly is my angel." One of his boys participates in a travel soccer league with a teammate who lives in nearby Pennsylvania. That partner's mom, Molly, was able to give one of her kidneys as a living organ contributor to Dan.

She was ultimately unsuitable for Dan. However, Dan would still be able to receive a life-altering organ if the two of them learned about paired kidney donation.

Four people participate in paired organ donation; two of them are healthy and have chosen to donate to two other people who will receive living organ donations.

"Molly gave money to me. Therefore, she did not donate to me but to a stranger who was a suitable match for her kidney. I was elevated to the top of the list as a result of that. Dan received a kidney that was matched right away from a living donor in Arizona as a result of Molly's "selfless act."

Dan claims that the transplanted kidney changed him and gave him "a new lease on life."

For those who require a kidney, a portion of a liver, or other organs or tissues, living donation is an option. While most transfers are performed thanks to organs gave by perished contributors, interest for those organs surpasses supply. Over 100,000 people wait for an organ, and 17 of them die every day as a result.

Increased access to life-saving organs is made possible by living donation. The donor usually feels safe during a living donation. Meanwhile, paired donation is yet another method for giving life to people on the national transplant waiting list.

Today, Dan and Molly are both doing well. Dan is grateful to be free of kidney dialysis, which he describes as having "wiped me out" and taking "a toll" on him. He is also grateful to be able to be there for his wife and children.

Dan is also committed to increasing the number of living donors recruited, particularly for Black recipients. Ordinarily, Dark beneficiaries are bound to get kidneys from expired contributors. However, research demonstrates that recipients of organs from living donors have better outcomes than recipients of organs from deceased donors, making this work crucial.

Dan and Molly have returned to the sidelines to support their children.

Being able to give life to someone else is pretty powerful. The inquiry is, in the event that you could - OK? Would you be willing to donate living kidneys? There are certain individuals who wouldn't reconsider, and one of those is Dan Howell, who turned into the eighteenth living kidney giver at College of Minnesota in 2018. Be that as it may, even Dan, the philanthropic, timeless confident person who has Skipper Underwear as his own good example, had a snapshot of self-uncertainty notwithstanding being raised to accept "assuming you are ever in a position and sufficiently special to help somebody, paying little mind to what penances you want to make, you want to get it done. Since to that end you are here".


A brother, sister, father, mother, or son or daughter is typically the most suitable donor; however, other more distant relatives and friends may occasionally be suitable. Patients who require kidney transplants are responsible for contacting friends and family to inquire about their willingness to donate a kidney.

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