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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

by Rhonda Farley 3 years ago in career / humanity

I Think I Saw a Dead Man

My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

In the short time that I have been delivering pizzas, I have been fortunate by not seeing many accidents on the roadways. But one day, I was driving along a popular road here in Town, while delivering pizzas and almost witnessed a horrible accident.

While I am out and about driving, when changing lanes in traffic, I always look twice, before switching lanes. I sure do not want to sideswipe another vehicle nor do I want to “not see” somebody on a motorcycle. Having said that, my story begins.

I was at work and I heard my name being called as I was the next delivery driver up to take the next pizza order. I moved forward to the front of the store and I had a double order to take. I bagged up my orders and I checked my receipt and noticed that one of the locations to where I was headed was a popular apartment complex that was located several miles from the store. Since I knew the way to the apartments, I did not have to use my GPS. I love it when I do not have to use my driving device when delivering pizzas, I feel like smarty pants. The other location that I had was to the surrounding neighborhood area just a few blocks over from the apartment complex.

I drove away from the store and headed to the apartment complex. I arrived at my location and delivered my order. I left the apartment building and pulled up to the front entrance to exit onto the main road. I turned right and directly in front of me was a bad accident. About a half of a block down from the apartment complex is an intersection. As I approached the intersection, two or three cars were all stopped in the middle of the road. Everybody was getting out of their vehicles. I was thinking to myself, somebody must have run the traffic light and had an accident. I did not see any damage to any of the vehicles as I approached the scene of the accident. As I neared the traffic light to turn left, a man who had been riding a motorcycle was sprawled out, on his back, in the middle of the intersection. This accident had just happened, no police, no ambulance on the scene yet. The man that had an accident on his bike, was some kind of a bluish-purplish color, and his helmet was knocked off of him. I wish I had not have seen that accident while I was working that day. In my opinion of seeing that man lying on the ground that color, he was lucky to have made it.

Shaken up, I proceeded on to my second location and my customer was outside waiting on me when I arrived with their food. When I got out of my car, I immediately told the customer what had just happened and that I think that I just seen a dead man lying in the road. We all had a moment of silence in the customer’s driveway, then I delivered their food, and headed back to the store.

When I got back to the intersection where the accident was, an ambulance, a tow truck, and several police officers were on the scene. The man that had the accident was already inside of the ambulance and they were putting his motorcycle on the tow truck. I wonder still to this day if that man that I saw lying on the ground at that intersection is still alive.

Rhonda Farley
Rhonda Farley
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Rhonda Farley

I work part-time delivering pizzas for Papa Johns. I love to spend my days off from work cooking, baking, or trying any new recipe. I also love to spend days painting. I love spending time with family and friends and both of my pets.

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