My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

Before becoming a pizza delivery driver, I really had no idea what went on, business wise at the store. I really did not know where that I would be going, how many pizzas, two liter sodas, twenty ounce sodas, or water, that I could also be taking to any of my many customers. Our Store also offers extras like plates, napkins, drinking cups, multiple pizza dipping sauce cups, banana peppers and jalapeno peppers.

I arrived at work one day and the next thing I knew, I was hearing my name being called and the Manager on Duty saying, you have the big order, start bagging it up. Wow! Do we have that many pizza bags? Five large pizzas will fit into one of the pizza bags and that was what my order was, large pizzas. I loaded up around fifty pizzas into my car, I had pizzas everywhere inside of the car, and in the trunk. I was headed to a popular arcade that was located at the Mall. This place of business holds birthday parties and also serves food. The guests that hold a birthday party have the option whether or not if they want to order food from the arcade, or have some other kind of food sent in, like pizzas.

This was the first time that I had been to this location, that was located at the mall. Once I arrived at the mall, I looked at my customer's receipt and called them up, hello?, this is, then I stated my name and told whoever that worked there who that was on the phone with them. Then I asked what door to drive up to once I was at their location. I was thinking to myself, gosh, this is going to take me a minute, let me see, how many pizza bags do I have in my car right now? The employee at the arcade let me know exactly what door to arrive at, outside of the Mall. "Okay, I will see you in a few minutes," I said, and we got off of the phone.

I drove up to the side door where the employee at the arcade had given me directions to, and just like that, several of their employees came out to help carry all of the pizzas inside of the building. After the pizzas were all carried inside, I placed all of them on a couple of tables that the arcade had in place. The customer who ordered the pizza had paid with a credit card, so I needed somebody’s signature before that I could leave, and surely after bringing around fifty pizzas over here some kind of a tip would surely be appreciated. I received a signature, but that was all that I got. Really! At this point, I loaded up all of the empty pizza bags into my car and moved forward back to the Store. I was tired at this point and the traffic at the Mall was bumper to bumper. I was disappointed that I did not get any kind of a tip for delivering a large amount of food to a very popular arcade at the Mall.

While that I was sitting in the Mall traffic, I texted the Manager on Duty at the Store, and put “NO TIP!" and left it at that. I sat there, still in traffic at the mall, waiting on the manager to return my text. Nothing. Okay. I was steaming by this point so while I was still sitting in the bumper to bumper mall traffic, I got my cell phone back out and called up the arcade, I thought I guess the manager at the store could not help it at all if the arcade did not leave me a tip. "Hello? This is," I stated my name and told the employee at the arcade who I was with. I told them what had just happened in the nicest way that I could and told them to have a nice rest of the day.

I was almost back to the Store when I heard my phone making the sound of someone sending me a text. I waited until I arrived at a red light to look at my phone to see who had texted me. It was the Manager at the Store telling me that I did receive a tip and it was a very nice one at that. The tip was in the amount of one hundred dollars. Wow! How nice of a tip was that? I arrived back at the Store and logged back in and finished out that day’s work shift, thinking everything was fine and dandy and also collected all of my tips from the day.

The next day at work, the manager from the arcade called stating what I had called up and said to the employee that answered the phone yesterday as I was leaving the mall. When I got to work that afternoon, the manager on duty at the store called me immediately in the office. I played it cool. I was asked if I had called up and spoke to an employee at their store and then asked what I had said, which the manager at our store already knew what I said. Then I was interrupted by the manager and he said, that is what you did do and say, and do not do it again. Now, go find something to do.

I was lucky that I was not fired, suspended, or written up with how my reactions could have caused problems for myself. Since that day forward, I have always been on my best behavior at any of my customer's locations and also now when I am out and about working, delivering pizzas, trying to earn some money, I do not keep up with my tips throughout the day. When I arrive home from work each day, I count my tip money for the day. Oh yeah, I did say that I have moved forward on being on my best behavior at my customer’s locations but, stay tuned for part two of the Story about going back to the arcade at the Mall.

Rhonda Farley
Rhonda Farley
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