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My 22 Vocal Writing Goals for 2022

by Trisha Dunbar 5 months ago in literature
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2022 is the best time to write on this platform...

My 22 Vocal Writing Goals for 2022
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

I am new to Vocal and only started writing here in December 2021. It seems Vocal has a lot of exciting new features on the cards for this year. From comments being introduced and no doubt, there will be other announcements too, so it's a great time to sign up and write for this platform.

After hearing some great things about Vocal I joined as I wanted to improve my writing and discover a whole new community of readers and writers.

Inspired by the resolutions post by the awesome Kathryn Milewski here are my 22 Vocal writing goals for 2022...


1. Submit at least 2-3 stories per week and just as Kathryn said in her wonderful resolution post "If I make mistakes, that's what Quick Edit is for!"

2. Start tipping at least 5-10 creators every month. So far I have tipped 3 awesome creators. I have set a side a small monthly budget to give back to this community. If I find I am tipping the same writer more than once this is a good indication that a pledge might be better.

3. Pick 2-3 writers that I enjoy the work of and make a pledge to them for the next 3-6 months. After that timeframe has ended I'll find another 2-3 writers to pledge to for the rest of the year.

4. Enter at least 1 challenge every month - Gotta make the most out of that Vocal+ subscription y'all!

5. Enter the challenges that push me the most out of my comfort zone.

6. Read at least 1 book on writing every month to improve my skill. If you have any reading recommendations connect with me over on Twitter @DunbarTrisha to share your recommended reads with me.

7. Out of the comfort zone! Pick at least 3 communities that I wouldn't normally write for and well, write for them!

8. Hello world 🌍! Join 3-5 Vocal community groups on Facebook and actively participate - not just by sharing my own work, but more importantly supporting others.

9. Seek 2-3 writers to collaborate with on a Vocal writing project. Interested? Contact me via Twitter.

10. Create my very own Vocal Facebook Group to engage, discover and share the stories of others.

11. Get my first 1000+ reads on this site!

12. Publish 100+ stories within the 1st 3 months on this platform.

13. Spread the word of Vocal with my other writer friends.

14. Start sharing links to my Vocal Stories on my Pinterest channel.

15. Out of the comfort zone, part 2! Write some fictional stories.

16. Post some stories of my personal experiences to help inspire and educate.

17. Check out the Creator Spotlights and read the stories of all the people that get featured.

18. Read and respond to at least 10-25 stories per week.

19. Aim to write higher-quality posts that get featured more often.

20. Start adding my Vocal stories to my Newsletter on Twitter to showcase my weekly rambling of words.

21. Share the stories of my favorite writers across social media.

22. And finally... to review Vocal (and my writing goals) every 3- 6-months and post how I get on.


Vocal Wish List for 2022

  • I'd love for more interactions with other writers and my audience. I look forward to comments being intoduced!
  • Ability to pin and sort stories on your profile. It would be great to better organise our posts and make our profiles more personable.
  • I love the idea of badges! It will be great to be able to collect other badges, such as 1st anniversary, top writer, community engagement etc. Badges are not only great motivators, but they also help build trust with the readers.


Thanks for reading. What are your writing resolutions? I'd love to read your stories on your writing plans for the new year! Feel free to connect with me @DunbarTrisha on Twitter.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and productive 2022.


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