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Musical Implications in Business: What Leaders Can Learn from Lyricists

by Sarang Ahuja

By Sarang AhujaPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

True leaders are continuous learners. They evolve by imbibing qualities they can see around them and better themselves at every step. Here are a few lessons that leaders can learn from the field of music. Some qualities that good lyricists often showcase can be immensely beneficial for becoming successful leaders.

Resilience: Lyricists often face rejection, criticism, or creative blocks. Their ability to persist despite setbacks, adapt to changing trends, and refine their craft showcases resilience. They learn from failures, rework lyrics tirelessly, and bounce back stronger. Leaders must often stay composed during challenges, learn from failures, and persist toward goals. Leaders who exhibit resilience with these responsibilities can inspire their teams, manage adversity effectively, and maintain morale during tough times, fostering a resilient organizational culture.

Innovation: Lyricists constantly strive to create fresh, original content. They experiment with language, metaphors, and storytelling techniques to convey emotions and ideas in unique ways, setting new trends in music. Leaders who value innovation foster an environment where team members feel empowered to suggest and implement innovative solutions, driving progress and staying ahead in their industry. Thus, leaders who imbibe such innovation can encourage creative thinking, embrace new ideas, and promote a culture that fosters experimentation.

Risk-taking: Lyricists usually take creative risks by exploring unconventional themes, experimenting with diverse genres, or collaborating with different artists. They take chances to push boundaries and create impactful music. Leaders who take calculated risks inspire their teams to think ambitiously, encouraging calculated risks that lead to growth and innovation. Influential leaders also manage and mitigate risks effectively, balancing potential rewards with potential downsides.

Fostering Talent: Many successful lyricists actively support and mentor upcoming talents, collaborating to uplift newer artists. They recognize potential, offer guidance, and create platforms for emerging voices. Effective leadership involves acknowledging and nurturing potential within a team. Leaders who foster talent invest in their employees' growth, provide mentorship opportunities, and create an inclusive environment where individuals feel valued and empowered. This not only develops a strong team but also builds loyalty and commitment.

Understanding how lyricists embody these qualities can offer valuable insights for leaders. These lessons—resilience in adversity, fostering innovation, calculated risk-taking, and nurturing talent—can help leaders navigate challenges, foster growth, and inspire their teams to succeed tremendously.

About Sarang Ahuja:

Sarang Ahuja, a passionate sports enthusiast and aspiring musician based in Houston, Texas, imbibed the values of determination and diligence from his parents—a salesman father and a high school English teacher mother. In his formative years at North Providence High School, he instilled diverse skills and interests, ranging from active participation in sports like golf, basketball, football, and baseball to engaging in various musical and drama productions. His involvement in the school's swing choir, where he honed his singing and dancing abilities, and his contributions to the band, playing percussion and guitar, showcased his multifaceted talents.

Sarang's ardor for music across genres was evident from a young age. A pivotal moment occurred for him in 2008 when he discovered his favorite musician, Jack Johnson. This encounter sparked an unwavering determination in Sarang to pursue a music career. Motivated, he acquired a guitar and diligently practiced daily, meticulously learning and replicating Jack Johnson's melodies and chords from albums like Brushfire Fairytales, In Between Dreams, and Sleep Through the Static.

Sarang's musical palette expanded, embracing artists such as Of Monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons, and The Black Keys. With unwavering dedication, he began crafting his music, initially starting with simple, wordless compositions that gradually evolved into longer, structured songs spanning three to four minutes. Drawing inspiration from his musical influences, Sarang amalgamated them into his unique playing style.

His journey continues, driven by an unwavering passion for music creation. Sarang perseveres, aspiring to secure a record deal in the music industry. Through relentless effort and dedication, he has evolved from an admirer of music to a creator, each step affirming his commitment to his dream of a successful music career.


About the Creator

Sarang Ahuja

Sarang Ahuja is a Senior Manager of US Commercial Operations at TC Energy in Houston, Texas. To learn more about Sarang Ahuja, be sure to visit!

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