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Monogamy or Open Relationship?

A Story of Love and Disagreements

By creatorsklubPublished 25 days ago 4 min read
Monogamy or Open Relationship?
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The Journey Towards New Horizons

In a small town in Latin America, María and Jorge made a decision that would change their lives forever. The situation in their country was increasingly unsustainable: the economy in crisis, growing insecurity and lack of opportunities led them to seek a better future in unknown lands. Full of hope and empty pockets , they began the journey to a new country. A place where they could start over and build a better a new life.

The new start

Arrival in the new country was not easy. Language and cultural barriers, along with homesickness, made the first few months very difficult. But, María and Jorge found strength in their love. Together, they fought every obstacle, from finding a job to adapting to new customs.

Over time, they managed to stabilize. They both found decent jobs and began to build a life together. But despite her material success, something inside María was beginning to change. She felt there was something beyond the traditional monogamy they had known all their lives.

The Unexpected Proposal

One night, while they were having dinner in her small apartment, María gathered up the courage to talk to Jorge about what was bothering her.

—Jorge, I've been thinking a lot about us and our relationship. Have you ever considered the idea of ​​an open relationship? —Maria asked, her heart racing.

Jorge, surprised, stopped eating and looked at her intently.

—An open relationship? —He repeated, trying to understand what his wife was proposing to him.

—Yes, Jorge. It's not about me not loving you, because I love you with all my heart. But I feel like there is a part of me that needs to explore, meet other people, have new experiences. I think it could be something good for us, something that allows us to grow both individually and as a couple,” María explained, her eyes full of hope.

The Difficult Decision

After many nights of conversation and reflection, Jorge accepted María's proposal. They decided to open up their relationship, allowing themselves to date other people and have sex outside of their marriage. They believed this could strengthen their bond, making them more open and understanding.

The first months were exciting and full of new experiences. They both explored their desires and met new people. However, as time passed, Jorge began to realize that something in his relationship with Maria was changing. He felt that she was moving further and further away from her, as if a part of her no longer belonged to him.

The Irreversible Change

Maria, on the other hand, felt more alive and free than ever. She had found a new way of living, one that wasn't limited by the traditional norms of monogamy. Each new relationship of hers taught her something new about herself, made her feel more complete and happier.

One day, Maria decided that she could no longer continue with her marriage. She realized that her search for freedom and joy was not compatible with the life she had built with Jorge. With tears in her eyes, she told him her decision.

—Jorge, I love you and I will always love you, but I can't continue living this way anymore. I need to be free, to live my life without ties or explanations. This isn't fair to you or me. "It's better that we go our separate ways," said Maria, her voice breaking with emotion.

The End of a Love

Jorge, devastated, couldn't believe what he was hearing. They had been through so much together, they had left their country, they had built a life in a strange place, and now everything was falling apart.

—Maria, please think about it one more time. We've been through so much together. "I don't want to lose you," Jorge pleaded, his eyes full of tears.

—Jorge, this is not something I decided lightly. I need this for myself. I hope that one day you can understand it and find the happiness you deserve,” María responded, sadly.

Heartbroken, Jorge accepted María's decision. They both knew there was no turning back. The open relationship they believed could strengthen them had, in reality, revealed their irreconcilable differences.

The Melancholy of Memories

The next few days were gloomy for both of them. Jorge immersed himself in a deep melancholy, remembering every moment shared with María. The laughter, the dreams, the plans for the future, it all felt like a distant echo of a happier time. However, he understood that he could not hold on to someone who no longer shared his vision of life.

María, for her part, also felt the weight of nostalgia. Although she was excited by her newfound freedom, she couldn't help but think of the years she had shared with Jorge, of the love that had once united them. But he knew he had made the right decision for her.

A New Beginning for Both

Over time, they both began to heal. Jorge found comfort in routine and new friendships, discovering that life could continue despite the pain. Mary, for her part, explored her new life with enthusiasm, finding the joy and freedom she so longed for.

Although their paths had parted, both carried with them the memories of a love that, although it no longer existed in the same form, had been true and deep. They knew that, despite the pain, their lives had been enriched by the shared experience.

The story of María and Jorge is a reflection of modern times, where relationships are redefined and people look for new ways to find happiness.

Monogamy and open relationships are personal choices that must be respected and understood. Each must find their own path, even if it means leaving behind what was once a great love.


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