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Money is the Root of ALL Evil

by Anonymous R about a year ago in career
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What would you do if you had $20,000?

Money is the Root of ALL Evil
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$20,000 Investment

I understand the concept of this challenge, however, if I’m selected winner I have a select of things that I would invest in such as:


I’ve had the experience to work at several daycares whether they were public or private based. During my experience I’ve learned the do’s and don’ts of running a successful business when it comes to working with small age children. My business would offer children the best experience possible that relates to educational philosophers’ theories. Outside of the basics, I would offer extracurricular activities such as dance, gymnastics, sports, music, spiritual connection, sign language, and more. My business would operate Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday with every other weekend open availability. This would allow employers time off to regroup within themselves, spend time with their loved ones, or whatever they wish to do during their off time. Allowing them time off would allow them to have a life outside of the workplace so that they don’t feel overwhelmed working. For my female workers, I would ensure that all hygiene items are accessible so that they feel cared for during that time of the month. Also, for my female employers I would allow them 1-2 days off prior to their menstrual cycle coming on so that they can relax the overwhelming of dealing with people to take time to rest their body during this period. For the families, I would incorporate monthly sign ups where they have to register their child/children on the days they would like to come. I want to be able to work with families and their busy work schedules and offer them the best service at an affordable price.

non-profit organization

I would like to start my own organization for teenage children, especially those who are delinquent to the justice system. Providing teens with responsibility and activeness will help decrease the delinquent violence and crimes that teens commit at such a young age. The organization would be a commitment that teenagers would make to get the help they need in order to redirect them to a better life. I would visit schools of all ages, all over and develop seminars, workshops, and more that allows them to push forward to a better life. For instance, most organizations regarding educational purposes might not allow children that choose to not go to college to benefit from it. However, my organization will work with children that both wants to further their education by going to college, as well as work with children who feel as though college isn’t for them and guide them on the path that leads them to still being successful without a degree, because any and everything is possible.

fitness business

I would also like to start a fitness program for petite woman like myself who have a hard time gaining weight, underweight, and looking to gain weight and stay fit and toned naturally. Now a days, people are getting their bodies done and making drastic changes with surgery being an option. However, for me, I prefer to do things naturally and it’s been hard to gain weight and maintain healthy weight throughout my entire life. Most people believe that when I have children things will change and that could very much be true. Honestly, I want to be active and fit before, during, and after pregnancy so that I could share my fitness routine as well as diet plan to help those that are in the same situation I am in when it comes to gaining weight and trying to maintain it properly. As far as the diet plan goes, I would incorporate people’s blood type and base their diets off of their blood type to help eliminate things that doesn’t serve their body any good. Knowing that it’s possible to do things naturally can be a challenge; however, it’s the courage, consistency, motivation, dedication, and determination that will get you the results you’re truly looking for.

mind, body, and spirit healing program

I would also like to incorporate a healing business that helps with the mental side of life. People that suffer darkness will be brought to the light with meditation, yoga, and anything that allows them to connect within their inner self. A place that is open and welcoming to those that needs to release would be allowed to clear their mind by realigning their energy to feel whole again. This would contain multiple sessions being that not everything happens overnight and to ensure that individuals are keeping their faith and hope alive knowing that someone cares for their well-being and is willing to help them align themselves to be balanced and live a balanced life.


Start a candle business that relates to connecting to your mind body and spirit. For those that enjoy the warm hearted fragrances that uplifts them will provide that sense of smell for them to embrace to ease the tension that they may be feeling whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally. The candles will be handmade based on various symptoms to help ease the pain and allow individuals to feel calm and relaxed.


About the author

Anonymous R

I’m born and raised in Atlanta, GA. I’m here to take on challenges that I can relate to and help motivate myself and others to push forward on a positive journey. Your life becomes a masterpiece when you learn to master peace.

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