Modern Dilemma of Vaping in Office

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If you are working from home, and it’s okay for you to vape at home, then you have nothing to worry about, but what about vaping and office workers?

Modern Dilemma of Vaping in Office

Recently, the newfangled thing—the electronic cigarette—has gotten more and more attention to attract fans to drag on tobacco. Some consider it a less harmful alternative to a regular cigarette, some just pay tribute to fashion, and some see it as a legal way to smoke in a public place. But it is worth finding out if an electronic cigarette can, in the first place, influence the surrounding people.

Principle of Work

Let's understand the principle of this cigarette. One of the essential ingredients of a regular cigarette, which is actually addictive, is nicotine. So the electronic cigarette also contains this nicotine, although there are also nicotine-free modifications, so this option is more likely for mods. The operation of an electronic cigarette in its technical structure is very similar to an inhaler; it is based on a steam generator of nicotine liquid with the addition of a flavoring, usually tobacco. In addition to the steam generator, there is also a nicotine cartridge in the cigarette, a battery, and a light indicator that simulates the burning of a regular cigarette. The advantages of such a cigarette include the absence of carcinogenic substances, fire safety, and they are harmless to people around them. But this most exciting statement is controversial.

Useful Tips: How to Smoke Electronic Cigarettes at Work

Regardless of whether you work in the office in Alberta or in Calgary, on the street, or in the workplace, it will be quite difficult to smoke at work, even if you use electronic cigarettes. Here are some useful tips for those who decided to still try:

  • Build a relationship with your boss and tell your boss that you are going to smoke ES. Regardless of where you work, all the complaints about you get on the table only to one person—your boss. Therefore, it is better to inform him immediately. Most employers do not have any objections to the ES, as they do not pose a danger of second-hand smoking, and save you and your clothes from the smell of tobacco.
  • Explain the difference between steam and smoke. Electronic cigarettes vaporize a solution containing nicotine—the resulting vapor would not have smelled if no flavors were added to it. Ordinary cigarettes burn tobacco and form smoke—or a mixture of carbon monoxide and small particles of ash and ash. That is why tobacco cigarettes cannot be smoked in public places, and electronic cigarettes can be.
  • Be a little more modest if you are going to smoke them indoors. This is especially true for users of small-sized models. Many people simply do not understand that you smoke an electronic cigarette, but not a tobacco one, and they will be rightly (from their point of view) outraged by this. Try not to provoke anyone for nothing.

Is There a Ban on Vaping in the Office?

But, nevertheless, electronic cigarettes are not banned from smoking, including in the workplace, and in public places, but one of the goals of such a ban is the eventual absence of propaganda for smoking, and with this, an electronic cigarette can be argued for. Most likely this is why in some US states a ban on smoking in public places, including electronic cigarettes, has been introduced.

Allowing cigarettes to be smoked at workplaces or not is an employer's decision, as the law does not provide for a direct ban. However, the conscious choice to smoke or not affects you—and do not think that an electronic cigarette will be a reasonable alternative to tobacco products one way or another—and nicotine bears considerable harm to human health, both physical and mental.

Benefits of Vaping

  • Productivity

One of the reasons why many employers have adopted an e-cigarette protection policy is productivity. Smokers are more likely to do their job efficiently and with concentration, if they do not constantly crave to go outside to smoke.

  • Saving money and time

As for employers, there are many reasons to include vaping in your office. This not only saves your work hours by reducing the number of unproductive smoke breaks during the day, but also helps to reduce the amount of time lost due to health problems associated with smoking and the total cost of medical insurance.

The law also provides for the protection of smokers themselves from the effects of tobacco. As I have said, the main element of a cigarette is a nicotine cartridge, and nicotine in its pure form is a drug. It is difficult to predict what harm such a cigarette will bring in the future since it has not yet been possible to analyze a single generation of “electronic” smokers.

Presenting The Author

My name is Amelia, and I am a freelance digital manager, I write iGaming reviews, and do some travel blogging on the side. I work freelance at home, and I quit smoking after starting to freelance, and I use vapes occasionally, but the last office I worked in everybody smoked outside while vaping inside was prohibited. But last I heard that some offices allow vaping, and it made me very interested to explore the issue.

Amelia Flynn
Amelia Flynn
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