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by Pantera 11 months ago in product review
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A Crypto-Platform for Freelance Writers

In this article, I will try to explain why Read Cash should become your number one priority.

Read Cash and Noise Cash are platforms with a different scope but at the same time share many similarities.

Both have been created by the same developer, “Simon”, and are funded and supported by Bitcoin Cash evangelist Marc De Mesel.

These platforms are paying users to create content in the form of articles (Read.Cash) or in the form of social media posts (Noise.Cash).

I have been using both for almost four months and with this article I will explain the merits of Read Cash, and try to convince you, the readers and writers of the Medium platform, to give it a try.

Moreover, there seem to be many misconceptions which I will try to clear, and as always my approach will be completely honest and transparent.

I hope to present the case of Read Cash in a way that everyone will understand and why I think you should join too. Always with total respect to Medium, which is the ultimate platform for content creation and expression in written form.

Read.Cash Is Part of Cryptocurrency's Mass Adoption

Read.Cash - Frontpage

I joined Read Cash about four months ago. It must have been the third major lockdown I was facing, and had to decide how to spend some of my extra free time. While at the same time I was left jobless because of the pandemic, I still managed to perform well enough with my crypto portfolio, in a way that I did not have to care too much about income or a job.

I did not join Read cash for the content monetization feature but I must admit this was one of the features that attracted me.

Read.Cash is very similar to Medium. It has communities instead of publications, however, visibility does not increase dramatically when a post is accepted in a community.

In general, Read Cash still has a low user base but is also advancing rapidly.

Our posts can have enough viewers without posting them in a community.

There are some ways to increase followers as in all platforms by interacting with the community, but it is not mandatory as with other platforms.

One way to increase viewers is by boosting your articles.

My Profile

We can spend $0.5–$10 on our post and advertise it for a selected time. There are also sponsorships, we can sponsor anyone and advertise our website or services on the bottom of each article a writer publishes. Sponsoring starts from as little as $0.01 and the best ones are on top.

Our audience consists usually of other writers, Read.Cash members, but everything can go viral anytime. Some of my posts have had hundreds of views since the cryptocurrency community found value in reading them.

I’ve also seen posts about anime having received hundreds of views, outside of the community, thus it becomes clear that writing about cryptocurrency is not mandatory or required.

Monetization with Tips

Total tips an average article received

In Read.Cash authors get paid for content in two ways:

  • Tips coming from other users of the platform.
  • Tips rewarded by the “RandomRewarder”. An AI bot running inside the platform and tipping posts according to its algorithm.

I have already written an article explaining with details how it turned out for me. You can read my article on my first three months journey with Read Cash and find out more information:

Three months In Read.Cash, $2658.27 in BCH Rewards!

More experienced content creators have managed better than me. However, also some that didn’t deserve anything have managed to cheat their way through this system.

Read Cash is not just about Bitcoin

This is a common misconception. Many members of the Bitcoin Cash community are posting on Read Cash but the platform has escaped this pit and has grown into a community-driven experience.

I provide just a few articles having received tips higher than $1000 and have absolutely no reference to Bitcoin Cash or Cryptocurrency.

Read Cash is not just about Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Cryptocurrency. We can write about those, but we can also write about anything we find interesting or useful.

Anyone can join and write about any topic, not just Bitcoin Cash and not even about Cryptocurrencies, and still will receive attention and tips.

If you had this feeling until now, please find the answers in the post I link because I think too many were holding back and not joining Read Cash for this reason: ( Read Cash is Not Just About Bitcoin ) In this article, I tried to explain what quite a lot of great content creators have been missing.

All are welcome and no matter if you don’t have any cryptocurrency knowledge you can still join and participate, many will notice you after some time and if you write unique content and even better exclusive for Read Cash sooner or later it will be rewarded. Often, can be rewarded heftily too.

Rewards are paid in Bitcoin Cash

On site wallet

The tips are paid in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin Cash):

  • Paid in a non-custodial wallet integrated within Read Cash
  • You will be given the seed phrase and be in absolute control of the funds at all times.
  • Nobody else has access to your wallet.
  • You can withdraw anytime you want since this is your money, your Crypto, and your wallet.
  • You can tip and receive tips starting from $0,01
  • The top tip given by Marc De Mesel for one article is $10,000
  • Actually, the top three articles have been tipped by Marc De Mesel with $10,000 each
  • The Random Rewarder is often tipping $10–$25 for each post

Any tips automatically belong to the writer. Without any time delay or any other procedure required, the author that received a tip can instantly transfer it to another wallet.

Payments are in Bitcoin Cash. Transactions using Bitcoin Cash have very low fees, most of the time lower than one cent. Transaction times when transferring between wallets are instant, it will take less than a second to see your Bitcoin Cash to another wallet.

However, exchanges require a certain number of confirmations before they release the funds. This number is different between exchanges. Binance requires 2 confirmations (approximately 20 minutes) before allowing the BCH to be used inside the exchange.

Some exchanges will require 15 confirmations to release the BCH send, making the time required up to a couple of hours. This is not an issue of Bitcoin Cash, it is just how some exchanges perceive financial freedom, by trying to restrict it and promote their interests instead.

Transfering BCH between non-custodial wallets is virtually instant.

Drawbacks: Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a huge problem everywhere online and needs to be dealt with once and for all. It is immoral and some have been raised without this kind of education and do not seem to comprehend the concept of intellectual property.

I’ve met way too many cheaters that were constantly plagiarising content, taken from any online source they’d stumble upon and posting it as their own.

Most of them, are exposed since there are tools that check for plagiarism, and it is funny they think they can hide from the simple plagiarism checkers but have no idea how many more tools exist that perform a deep search. Not that it is required since plagiarism usually is easy to spot.

Read Cash is still infested by plagiarists but steps have been taken and lately, this infestation has been reduced.

Read Cash stops paying those authors that are found to have plagiarised and has a great algorithm that tracks multi-accounts and prevents cheaters from exploiting the platform.

I love the community but there are some negatives experiences I’ve had there too, involving these cheaters that will usually become angry when exposed and come back with more cheaters to retaliate.

I mention this fact because I think that everyone reading this article, needs to know exactly what to expect.

Quite often when you read a very interesting article, you will have this feeling it could have been copied from somewhere. Perhaps tipping would be wise after having first checked for plagiarism, since nobody wants to reward stolen articles. These guys want just that, to lure you into tipping them for the work they’ve stolen from someone else.

Some plagiarisers are making a average wage of a western country. This is greed and their excuse about their poor conditions is not valid, but also a lie to keep them extracting money without repercussions. They are not poor, if they were they wouldn’t own any device to connect to the internet.

And they won’t help anybody poor either. They are greedy cheaters and lying about their financial condition.

Spammers and plagiarisers don’t understand they are destroying whatever they are touching. They just care to steal a few dollars and can’t see the bigger picture.


Image From Unsplash

Taking everything into consideration, the positives of participating in Read Cash far outweigh the only drawback I could find.

I’ve already explained that for these four months I am part of the Read Cash community, the rewards were significant and I provide links with more information on the bottom.

I think that this platform will soon attract very experienced writers and I’ve already seen some of them making a few steps, however, I recommend new members to provide links from profiles used in other platforms for verification purposes. This verification is important because we don’t want to tip an imposter.

And frankly, tips coming from Marc De Mesel are making a difference. I am still not a great author, basically just an average one but had experience with cryptocurrencies and have done years of research. It doesn’t matter though, we are all skilled or enthusiastic in different fields.

Everyone can join Read Cash and test this platform. The platform is lately growing in quality and some authors are evolving into really good ones. It needs more healthy competition and I advice everyone to give it a try.

Especially for experienced content creators, the results may surprise them after a month or so. Try to write exclusively on Read Cash and not republish, as this will help even more.

The honest part of the Read Cash community will embrace all authors that bring unique content to the platform.

Read Cash together with Noise Cash is helping towards the mass adoption of Cryptocurrencies. I will next try to write about Noise Cash.

I hope with this post all questions have been cleared. Feel free though to ask anything about Read Cash in the comments section and I will be very happy to reply.

Source of Lead Image: Unsplash (by RetroSupply, modified)

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