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MEDIUM: Why Should you Join it in 2023?

Join Medium in 2023

By Sam BTCPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

If you have read my previous articles you would have noticed that I write more or less exclusively about crypto/blockchain related topics. I have been writing for more than 3 years and my preferred platform is Publish0x as most of the users of this site are interested in crypto based information.

I also used to write on Uptrennd, Minds and Read.Cash but if you are familiar with them you know that they are now more or less defunct. Another site which rewards in crypto but I find a bit complicated to use and understand it’s reward system is Hive but I hope I get the hang of it soon.

What I want to focus in this post is Medium which is one the biggest publishing platforms and has a huge user base. I want to share through this article how has been my experience using that site so far and what I feel different using that site now in 2023.

My Experience so far with Medium!

I have been writing on Medium for about 3 years now and it was always a secondary platform for me. The reason was that while my subscriber base in crypto related platforms like Publish0x kept growing it remained more or less stagnant in Medium. This had a ripple effect as more subscribers you have the more interaction you get and also higher are your earnings. So while my earning from Publish0x got stable and quite decent I never got more than few cents a month from Medium. At a point I was seriously considering to stopu using Medium completely. For a while when I started putting more efforts in creating YouTube videos I stopped using Medium completely. So for more than 2 years my stats on Medium were something like this:

• Subscriber base: 50

• Daily views: 10-20

• Daily Income: $0.02- $0.05

In fact during the month of December I did not get more than 300 views in the entire month.

Somehow things started to change suddenly from January as I randomly started getting views on my older posts which were on Airdrops like the one I wrote about Uniswap airdrop years back. Later I realized it was due to the fact that more and more people had started searching about airdrops once BLUR had announced it’s airdrop plan. During the months on January and February my user base and daily views started to climb up.

Next turning point came recently when Arbitrum airdrop was announced and many other projects hinted at potential airdrops in the coming times. This had a snowball effect and my users and views started shooting up. In fact one of my posts about my strategy for zkSync airdrop got more than 1,000 views a day which was more than the total views I will normally get in 3-4 months. My stats were suddenly like this:

• Subscriber base: 500

• Daily views: 400-500

• Daily Income: $2.50- $3.50

At this rate I might make more than $500 in the month of April, which is more than what I have made in the last 3 years on the platform.

Why Should you Join Medium in 2023?

I strongly think that everyone who reads or writes regularly should definitely join Medium as it offers a wide variety of posts on diverse topics. I was always a bit apprehensive about it as I like crypto and it’s still far from being a mainstream topic. I don’t know how many years it will take before crypto blogs get the same level of views as cooking recipes or travel experiences. What has improved though in 2023 is that more people have started to experiment with the idea of crypto and started searching for it.

Considering today’s world which is moving towards an attention based economy where getting peoples attention is getting more and more valuable it is really key to be visible on a large scale platform like Medium.

This is also important for crypto in general as when more and more users write about crypto the higher is the probability of the story appearing on home page of Medium which will in turn lead to more and more people reading about crypto. So get moving and write a crypto story on Medium now and do your bit for starting the crypto bull run.

If you are thinking it is difficult to get attention there or your previous blog got 5 views then I can vouch from personal experience that if you keep at it persistently then sooner or later things definitely will change for the better.

If you have still not registered on Medium then feel free to use my referral link -

All the best!




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My Post will be focused around Spirituality, Mythology and Blockchain proejcts which are the topics that interest me the most.

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