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- Toward The Sky + - The Glittering Past

By Z-ManPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Positively *green* with excitement

Note: These songs are simply those background songs chosen because they are badass and the like. No more particular or contextual than that. Also, it helps chip at the 600.

"Victory", Megadeth - Youthanasia (1994)

Sometimes, I really think it could be a bad dream, but, hey, if Rob Halford can "live bad dreams", then I guess we can all get along just fine.

Drove by one of the spots I used to park at when I was in my early to mid twenties, when I would pre-game with a Foster's or something otherwise, and/or nips. I would turn my car off, hunker down, and sip in private. Those were great times, lmao. For what it was worth, special times.

Now, since my parkour accident last year, when I had an "unfortunate" fall when walking across solid bike poles (it was misty, and I should have realized the danger of that) and slipped down, hitting my head directly on it (I'm 6'1", to give you an idea of how far down my head went), I haven't touched a drop of the stuff.

By all rights I could if I wanted to, but I would mentally worry about how it would affect me these days, so it helps to wallow in that sort of pain and terror of the unknown to put me on a healthier path.

I wasn't an alcoholic or anything, but I certainly enjoyed my time doing it (except for the vertigo--yugh).

"Satellite 15....The Final Frontier", Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier (2010)

Honestly, it is all part of the bullshit that keeps social society separated, I think. It's like, unless you drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs, watch goddamn sports in every fecking place you try to socialize...well, it certainly doesn't help my chances with anything.

Speaking of this track, I honestly have not gotten through the whole album, but the first half of this is truly badass. Especially the end of the half.

The track from Ghostbusters (1984) by Mick Smiley comes to mind at this juncture. What is included in the film is actually part of the second half of "Magic". The first half is killer as well, in its own, more--dare I say--feminine way in comparison. Check the whole song out. Do it for me.

Skipping to

"RSVP", Heart - Bad Animals (1987)

I discovered this album in the usual way--for me, anyway. By shopping the local thrift store. That store, and a few others at the Mall, past and present, have seen so much happiness accompany me in turn. One of the highlights of my life has been finding albums to listen to, over and over again, finding the thrills time after time in driving along and syncing along with lights, and thoughts of inspiration, and things that ignite my hungry perceptions. It's contributed to what is certainly hearing decline (although what probably takes the cake is when I spent several years--during college and my first long-term job--blaring music through my headphones both to reach addictive heights of audial pleasure, and so that others could be inspired along with me.

I choices there were really dumb. And I've always known it.

The trouble is...I didn't want to short-change anyone else, either.

"Hear That Sound", INXS - X (1990)

Now for the final "helpful pillar" (wait, what?). So much for making music a coincidental object here, LOL. ;]

This album followed their hit Kick (1987), which contains tracks you'd likely recognize from movies like Donnie Darko (2001) (the Director's Cut, anyway, I believe). However, X contained the hit, "Disappear", which I discovered long before getting the album on CD. Nevertheless, that track was a gem for at the very least the first several listens.

Although, keep in mind that audio quality can affect what you perceive as the song itself. If you fall in love with a song at a lower quality, you may find it loses its "grandiosity" or whatnot by listening to it in a far higher or even lower quality. It's something to think about, anyway.

Anyway: Thanks For Listening!!!

I may be getting ahead of myself (too late), but I wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays!, wherever you may be, and whatever may fit that bill for you. Thank you to my readers for your kindness and support, and I hope I have left you with something important. Perhaps something that has given you new meaning in turn.

Until next time:

\m/, B']

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