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my Eid day

By Tamseel HussainPublished about a month ago 3 min read
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this is my journal, so ramdhan is finished. Its Eid and todays date is 11 April. I'm so happy i have done all fasting days. I got so mannyy giftsss its so aesthetic day. We get to have Henna Mehndi on our hands. It's so beautiful, I really love the tradition of Eid we get to dress up and have sweet foods.

Today I'm here to talk about chand raat meaning Moon night when we see a new month starts in Islamic calander. In Shia Islam if we see moon then we set it eid day, in Sunni calander they just count the day and make eid without sighting the moon. I have seen many people asking whats the difference when sunni and shia's believe in Islam. Sunni people think that what Abu Bakr and people did killing our shia's 12 Imam's were right, and what we say it is wrong.

If you kill anyone, anyone, It is wrong. You know it legally as well. Then the objections is Sunni people do not recognize the rights of Ahlabait what they have, and what Sunni people took away. It was Fatima Al~Zahra sa before her father died he took plegde from his followers to not hurt his family after him, importantly do not eat my daughters right. What Abu Bakr, Maiwiya, and Umar did was looted the place called Fadak. Fadak was gifted to Lady Fatima Al~Zahra sa and sunni people took the land. Lady Fatima Al~Zahra sa went to Fadak.

When she went and ask for her right and showed the evidence of his father's letter, Sunni's people tear the paper and throwed on the ground. When Lady Fatima Al~Zahra sa went back home, she was 18 but looked like at age of 60 years. Imam Ali as who was husband of Lady Fatima Al~Zahra sa, he was asked to obey Abu Bakr, but he refused. The reason was there is Only ONE ALLAH.

Abu Bakr and his people wanted to change Islam and wanted females to not wear hijab and dance, all these things what RasoolAllah said to not do. Sunni people changed the original quotes that were from RasoolAllah because they did not like the Islam. These things about religions you don't like what it is, then we can't do anything. Because When you do something for Allah for his happiness, then he will make things easy for you.

The most famous verse ayat from Quran is "If You remember me, I will remember you." This means You need to always remember Allah in you happy and sad times. Therefore Allah has made everything he already existed, Islam shia already existed. Then why divisions came in Islam, bad followers of Islam did not like things, and they were Sunni for example playing chest is haraam, they didn't prohibit that.

The reason I am journalling this and want you to read it, I want you to recognize how Islam shia was original and all other sects are haraam. Making divisions in Islam is haraam, when we all follow Rasool Allah then why can't we follow what he has said, what hurts him, it hurts us. Why Can't you follow what Imam Ali as said, Lady Fatima Al~Zahra sa said, Imam Hassan, Imam Hussain as.

I want you to think on this Eid day, when Islam is the religion we follow, RasoolAllah is messanger we follow, why can't we see how his families and relatives are seen in Islam. Why are there sects, I want you to study both Shia and Sunni Islam today, and consider which one touches your heart.

I'm not here to hurt any one and judge any religion on bad aspect just to make a relization hit your heart why are sects in Islam and how each religion of Islam is contributed.

Eid Ul Fitr Mubarak to you all

Written by

Syeda Tamseel

Fatima Hussain


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Tamseel Hussain

Hi,So happy your here, Alhamdulillah for everything because I'm always blessed I love to write about what I see, think and feel, usually I write about poems. I'm a Shiane ALI as. Labaik Yahussain so readers please always shine.



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