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Lionel Messi made a huge mess in China

Life is more complicated than football in China

By elkefan cheungPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Cristiano Ronaldo stands higher than Messi in some aspects

Today is the 15th day of the first lunar month.In Chinese culture, the Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival) is the official end of the Spring Festival.This means that we need to prepare ourselves for the test of the coming year by cleaning up our mood during the holidays.

However, this day with the meaning of welcoming the new year reminds me of something that happened a few days before the New Year.Because it's related to my youthThat thing is: Messi is absent from the Hong Kong exhibition match

Messi only symbolically stepped onto the field during the warm-up phase

In fact, before the start of the game, no one would believe that he would not play.But he did not show up in the end.And his only explanation for this is "having a physical injury".What really broke the hearts of all Chinese Messi fans was that on February 7th, he came on as a substitute in the second half of the Japanese tour and performed quite well.

Messi was in

Businesses is business

On that night, China's Internet platform was full of mockery such as "Lionel Yossi" and "treating all diseases with nuclear polluted water"Considering the ethnic hatred between China and Japan, in modern Chinese culture, comparing a person to a Japanese is the greatest insult to him.It can be imagined that Messi's "different treatment" this time has seriously hurt the feelings of the Chinese people and seriously damaged his image in the hearts of Chinese fans and even the Chinese people.And this incident happened just three days before the Spring Festival which is the most important festival for the Chinese people.

The fully packed stadium has become the biggest stage for comedy

As the situation escalates, China's state-run CCTV has taken the lead in removing all images of Messi, and the companies that have endorsed Messi's advertisements have also tacitly removed all related images. However, on non-official media, Messi's live broadcasts can still proceed normally. This kind of behavior of openly blocking and privately leaving a backdoor can be understood as the attitude and conclusion of the Chinese government towards this incident. What is the specific conclusion? If you are interested in Chinese culture, please leave a comment to discuss the specific conclusions.

The final result is that Messi, more or less under pressure, released an explanatory video on Chinese social media about the incident, although many netizens questioned whether it was AI-synthesized and found evidence. Coincidentally, the time he released this video was the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Argentina.

Was it an AI-created?

In fact, Messi's participation in the friendly match is purely a commercial matter. For a star of his caliber, every friendly match requires additional payment. It is clear that the organizers of the Hong Kong match did not follow this commercial rule. However, the innocent Hong Kong government and fans were deceived by the organizers' unprofessionalism as well as the national dignity of the Chinese.

In any case, Messi made a huge mistake outside of his cognitive range. After all, he is only the king of the football world, but he knows nothing about politics, history and culture. In this regard, he is obviously inferior to his rival Ronaldo. The Messi incident may also affect the relationship between China and Argentina. After all, the newly elected president of Argentina is not like a smart person. Whether Messi has the opportunity to return to the Chinese official media or not, if you want to know the follow-up, please subscribe to me.

In the end of this article,I wanna introduce myself.I am an independent thinker from China, and I will share many news and political events from the real perspective of the Chinese people. If you are interested in Eastern civilization, please subscribe to me. I will select two to three topics every week to exchange views with everyone. I believe my perspective will interest you.

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