Learning the Art of Patience: 6 Tips for Life

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Whether you've just graduated university or starting your new career, life can be full of changes and uncertainty. These 6 helpful tips can help you through any stressful time.

Learning the Art of Patience: 6 Tips for Life
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Whether you have hit a halt in your life or are experiencing a drastic change that is making you question who you are and where you are heading, I am urging you to have some patience with yourself. The movies and our dreams often have a funny way of deluding us about our paths in life. By this age I'm going to have this or that, and all before I'm thirty. Unrealistic and very fanciful. The ugly truth is that all things, especially the really great ones, take time.

In comes our new companion, patience. It seems kind of insane because we have all these demands and expectations coming from our parents and society, that makes us question the magic in the journey and lose faith in ourselves. Then the existential questions start pouring in and if we aren't too careful, the dreaded doubt, and finally cynicism. All those episodes of The Office are finally making sense and the untoward humor of life and adulthood begin to set in and find a quaint home in our subconscious.

To some out there, this is perfectly fine and between you and I, that's lovely. But for the rest of us, the ones who dare to take risks and stand against the status quo, your outlandish dreams are going to take time and that means more hours in a minimum wage job (that you probably hate) and probably more time living with your parents. Its all a part of the process; and since each of our lives vary, this period will affect us differently.

So from one dreamer to another, here are 6 tips on patience that will serve you throughout life.

Remain Motivated

Anything worthwhile is probably not going to happen overnight. Being motivated by your wild ambitions are the very fuel for them to manifest. Not only will staying excited give you something to look forward to but it will also give your life purpose, and isn't that what its all about.

Creative Visualization

So this wonderful thing called imagination is not all for fun and games, or escapism. It's a very divine tool from the universe that is meant to help you see where you want to be in your life, and what you need to do in order for your goals to be fulfilled. The more you can see yourself there the easier it will be to eventually get there.

Be Passionate

It is truly inspiring when you see someone love what they do. This is the key to much success. Passion is a drive that no one can take from you and you'll need it in times when others try to tell you that your dreams are much too impossible. Have the conviction to believe in yourself, its the ultimate amour of defensive when it comes to bad vibes.

Stay Positive

Positivity attracts more positivity. Depending on how you use this energy, the law of attraction will return it back to you and with increased momentum! Its not only a good way to exist patiently but it is also good for your health. You'll noticed that you start attracting more positive experiences and opportunities!

Work Hard

So this is quite obvious, right? Hard work is a given if you want to produce anything of substance in your life. The secret: if you're doing something you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life. But even if you are working that minimum wage job, it's only temporary and you should find time to work on turning your dreams into reality. Trust me, it can happen. The universe says that whatever you're seeking is also seeking you.

Enjoy the Wait

This is what patience is all about, especially if you've put the work in! Life is still happening, and there's much more to seek, whether it's love, knowledge, or adventure. Who said the wait had to be boring? In case you haven't realize, your life is a story, what will you do today?

Malika Adiki
Malika Adiki
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