Just a Minion in the Workplace

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The Empty Promises from Above

Just a Minion in the Workplace

Have you ever worked for a company that made so many promises to you, but never kept them? I have. It was so ridiculous. Here's my story.

So I worked for a company as a shift manager. I loved my job. I would work whatever hours they offered, go in early, stay late, assist with tasks that weren't even part of my actual job... just anything. Most of the people I worked with were absolutely amazing as well, so it just made work more lighthearted and fun.

Well, one day I was having just an off day. Like making small stupid mistakes. I was rather disappointed in myself, but just couldn't seem to get myself on track. It was the end of my shift and I was counting the day's tills down when the GM came in and closed the door. She asked me if she could ask me a serious question, to which I said, "Of course, whats up?" Well, she then rudely proceeded to ask me if I was actually competent enough to do my job... yeah, I wasn't too thrilled. So I ignored her and continued counting the tills and then clocked out and left.

I immediately called the owner and explained to him what had happened and I also informed him that I would like to transfer to one of his other locations. He said he'd have an answer for me in the next few days. So the waiting game began, and I just killed the GM with complete sarcasm and kindness. Acted like what she had said the other day had no effect on me.

Finally, the owner informed me he had a transfer ready for me starting the following Monday. The GM then was informed and called me into the lobby and proceeded to criticize me while there were customers within earshot... I had had enough of her crap and let her know just what I really thought of her. Needless to say, she then went to the office and cried. Oh well.

So I made the transfer, got settled in, and was told that my hard work and improvement was very appreciated, and they asked if I considered being an assistant or even a GM, which I had started thinking about it. I was already doing all of the required things a GM did like making schedules, ordering truck handling inspections, doing the training with new employees, getting the new employees into the system, checking over projections/sales, and setting store goals and employee goals. I had a pretty good team at the time, and they were all very excited that I was considering taking over the place.

The owner then informed me that in order to become a GM I'd have to transfer back to my old store for certification and more training. I was far from thrilled, but I understood the reasoning. So I was told I'd be sent back in my store within nine weeks tops.

After being at the store I absolutely hated for five weeks with no training being started, I finally asked what was going on... only to be told that he felt I had started to forget my purpose. So I pushed myself to work harder and harder. I ended up running into some hard times and had to move and make a lot of lifestyle changes, causing my hours to be cut and making it look as if I wasn't serious. Well, I got things figured out on my end and again proved I wanted what I was there to train for. But still none of my training was started.

I confronted the owner, expressing my concerns, and was told in due time it will all happen. In the three and a half months I was back at this location, we had gone through two GMs, and myself and the under qualified assistant (I say it that way because I had more experience and training than she did, yet I was still below her) would take and split the work of the GM and run the place together. There was so much drama there that I was getting physically sick from dealing with the crap.

I asked the owner yet again when I would be trained and moved, to which I was told soon. Well, he brought in another GM and she was supposed to start my training. Of course she didn't. Instead, after being told I couldn't work certain days due to my children's appointments, she scheduled me anyways. My phone stopped working unless I was by WiFi even though it wasn't disconnected, so I had to send an email to work reminding them that I wouldn't be in due to their scheduling errors. Nobody bothered to acknowledge my email or anything.

I went in for my next scheduled shift and was verbally attacked by this GM. She demanded I give her my keys because I no longer had a job there. I asked why... and her excuse was because she couldn't believe I'd make such a sick excuse up about my child having autism (which he does by the way) and that anyone who would say such an awful thing is an awful person. She knew I was taking him for his appointment for his physical and for the autism, yet claimed I was making it all up. I handed her my keys and went to leave. As I was walking out, I stopped to thank the owner for the opportunity to work for him, to which he turned and told me to get out of his building now. So I did just that. I walked right out instead of saying what I really wanted to say.

I've still got friends that work for the company, who have been promised things and promotions as well, just to be set on the back burner and they even debated quitting when they found out I got fired.

I wasn't mad I got fired and accused of making up my son's condition, however, I was pissed I had been promised so many things, just to never get the chance to really prove myself. I was pissed that after all I had done for that company, that I was tossed out like garbage. All the appointments that I had to cancel and reschedule for myself and my children, all those hours I spent at work and not with my children, all the family time I lost, special events missed... all things I can never change or get back. That was why I was pissed about it all.

The owner has a habit of contacting old managers, asking them to come back after they've either been fired or quit... I'm betting it's only a matter of time before he tries to reach out to me, and I can't wait. At that time, I'll let him know how disgusted I am, I truly was by his reaction when I tried to thank him, how annoying the empty promises were, and just how horrible his choice in GMs were. I could never go back to working for someone who plays mind games with their hardworking and dedicated employees.

I recently found out he's been asking people how I've been doing and what I've been up to. So I'm sure the time is coming soon that he will try to reach out. So I am now just patiently waiting. I can't wait to tell him what I really think.


I ended up getting my old job back doing night audits. I don't like being bored most of my shift, but I'm appreciated and respected at this job. If I say I need these specific days off, I get them off with no questions asked. The owner of the business I work for now has always been the greatest boss I've ever had. His entire family is just wonderful!

All of us employees are treated as people, not a clock in number. We are able to be real and upfront with our boss without worrying about saying something that we might get fired for. He respects my opinions and ideas about different things and doesn't just ignore them. I'm not forced to miss out on family things because they work with my life and my personal schedule.

I took a huge pay cut, but honestly, I'd rather take the pay cut and enjoy the job and the people, and be treated with true respect, than be working for more money being treated like I don't matter. I'm no longer so stressed that I'm physically sick. I'm no longer dreading going to work because of drama. I'm no longer worrying about things I once used to. The only reason I might not want to come work is because I work the third shift and sometimes my bed is just a lot more comfortable. Yet every night, I'm here, working my entire shift, whether it's an eight-hour shift or a 16-hour shift. I'm truly happy with where I'm working and with what I'm doing again for work. I just can't wait to see what's next for me.

Kay Mellinger
Kay Mellinger
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