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by Jerome Henderson 10 months ago in humanity

Never ending ghosts

Possible Examples of judgements

The title of this article may seem confusing, so allow me the opportunity to shed a little light on perception. Things aren’t always what they seem to be. One observation made in any possible moment has the ability to be negated. For instance, a person holding a teacup poodle may be observed, perceived, or judged in any manner and sed “observations” may be true in one moment. However, in another moment they may no longer hold “true”. This has held “true” with various observations in the world. One moment something is held as a “fact” or widely held belief and in the next, its collapsed into nothingness. Often, new information presents itself that alter or completely change the previously held belief. Hence, the term “Ghost” used in the title. Life is constantly changing, and what appears solid can easily fade into incorporeality. That’s just the nature of.... Nature.

Certain aspects of the natural world however, may pose as a double-edged sword. They have been viewed as both great challenges and benefits to the wellbeing of various levels of society all over the world. These aspects deal with the evolution of the human brain and social behavior. The brain has been observed as a useful tool in the survival and wellbeing of earlier and current members of the Hominidae family. Social behaviors like grooming, non-verbal communication, sharing a meal, conversation, etc., have impacted the survival and wellbeing of various hominids, including humans. So have majorly instinctive behaviors like tribal loyalty, procreation, and accumulation of possessions. However, these things may have caused a great deal of destruction through their contribution to the creation and preservation of judgement. What was once instinctive observation for survival has seemingly become a tool for judging one's own survival in social settings. But does anyone really want to become a pariah?

Outcasts haven’t always had a “good” reputation, but maybe the act of judgement has led to the creation of outcasts in the first place. Judgement can come in various forms, and due to a constantly evolving world there may be constantly evolving judgements. Weight, color, race, personal preferences, religion, etc., have all made their way to judgements dinner table. It seems to be a meal we’ve all partaken in, but no one ever really appears to be full. No pun intended. I've heard and partaken in numerous whispers at this table: “why are they ‘fat’? “That dance is ‘wrong/dirty’”. “That behavior is ‘wrong’”. “Drugs are ‘bad’”. “This is “good’ for you”. “This person or that person is ‘cute/beautiful/hot’” “I think this person has a crush on me”. The list can go on and on... and I know from personal experience. Judgement has even led to someone such as myself thinking “I'm not black enough” or “I'm not white enough”. “Unfortunately,” thoughts like these have led to the birth of suffering on many occasions through actions that need not be. Hatred, self-loathing, relationship problems, and more have all taken a seat at judgements dinner table. Or maybe they’re a part of the meal. “Fortunately,” judgements table is an option at life's much larger banquet. And it may be possible to shed an ego that causes us to ask for “seconds”.

There’s a lot more I wish to discuss on this subject that I haven't gone into detail now. However, for the sake of keeping things short I shall bring this topic to a close. As for now, I leave you with a few videos to try to drive this point home. They come from episodes of a childhood and lifelong favorite show. While it may be a Sitcom, the issues it has relayed have occurred in “our world” or modern society. Here they are in the form of links that may be copied and pasted into a web browser: Carlton Gets Called a Sellout, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - White Boyfriend

As for what’s next, I have no idea. But I want to be free of judgement and give up the ghost.


Jerome Henderson

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Jerome Henderson
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