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Israel Main Issue

Two State Or Religion

By deependra janiPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Israel Main Issue
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In a significant statement, Israel's Minister, has brought attention to a crucial aspect of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Despite the gravity of this statement, it seems to have received limited global discussion. The Israeli minister warns that the establishment of a Palestinian state could lead to dire consequences, likening it to a potential future tragedy akin to the Holocaust.

During Hitler's era, the Holocaust saw the murder of 6 million Jews by Nazis, not on the battlefield. The victims included individuals such as tailors, lawyers, university professors, and shopkeepers in Europe. Innocent people were rounded up from streets and transported to concentration camps and gas chambers, where they met excruciating deaths. Those killed had no involvement in the war.


Creating a tiny Palestinian state will not solve the problem, according to Minister . He emphasizes that the same issues will persist. The fundamental point is that the two-state solution envisions a single planet where Israel will progress significantly. Despite multiple attempts in the past, including the 2005 initiative, the challenges remain evident with the recent statement.

In 2005, Israel instructed all Jews residing in the Gaza Strip to return their territory to the Palestinian people. Israel invested a billion dollars in this initiative, constructing schools, hospitals, and houses for the population. By returning the territory and providing substantial resources, Israel aimed to support the people of Gaza. Despite the opportunity presented in 2005, Palestinians did not establish their own country as they chose not to pursue this option.


A significant deception is occurring, with individuals exerting pressure on Netanyahu. An estimated 20,000, 30,000, and 40,000 casualties are reported, including the complete devastation of the Gaza Strip. Verification of these numbers is lacking, as even previous sources have refrained from confirming the figures. Major media outlets like Associated Press and Reuters have reported these statistics, leading to widespread belief in their validity, despite the absence of on-site verification.

Hamas launches projectiles, civilians retrieve them, and Hamas retreats. Many casualties occurred today. Hamas officials report 600 deaths, questioning why Israel's government remains silent. No media verified any Numbers , just imagine media focus on death , how its verified ?


What is Minister saying ? that if a Palestinian state is formed there tomorrow then what is the guarantee that these people will not attack us? These people will attack. It is in their nature to kill the Jews .This is in their mind, this is in their blood, they will not stop and, this is what Hamas is also saying, people are not ready to accept it, people are saying no, it doesn't matter, you make it once, everything will be fine oh brother what? There is a guarantee that it will be fixed, it has already failed once or twice, this is a complete matter, on what basis are you saying that the matter will be successful and there will be peace.

JIHAD philosophy

This fight is his. From the river to the sea the land will be free. What does this mean? What does it mean? This Means They Will Never Forget about Israel the Only Way There Can Be Peace Let me tell you, there is only one way to peace, there is only one way to peace, if anyone wants peace and if you want all the Muslim countries there they will accept Israel. If the whole of Israel converts, Israel will read the Kalma and become a Muslim tomorrow, I am telling you that there will be complete peace, there will be complete peace. Their problem is that why Israel alive that is their basic problem, Israel is exists. They don't understand why it does this. What does Iran say? We will throw the Jews into the sea. What does Iran have to do with Palestine? What does Iran mean to Palestine? It is a religiously driven religion that has spread this hatred and this hatred today. This hatred is not from 1400 years, this is institutionalized religious hatred against the Jews.


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