Is Your Job Stunting Your Professional Growth?

by John McCabe 9 months ago in career

Know when to move on, even if you love your job.

Is Your Job Stunting Your Professional Growth?

People always tell you to pick a job that is enjoyable where you love what you do, but nobody talks about the other side of the coin.

Sometimes you may love your job, but if it isn't helping you progress in life and your career, how long can you stay?

For two years of my life, I lived for my job.

Every day of work was meaningful, exciting and gave me something to look forward to. I met incredible people that to this day I call family, and established an extensive network of connections that turned into life long friends.

That job gave me more than I could have ever imagined or hoped for and helped shape me into the person I am today. I will forever be grateful for the time I spent at the TD Garden.

But there I was, facing graduation like looking down the barrel of a gun and feeling completely unprepared to enter my field.

My job had an expiration date, and I was unsure of how fast that was approaching.

I thoroughly enjoyed every single day, but I had plateaued; there was no upward progression in my position. If I wanted to feel prepared and experience other things in my field, I needed to delegate my time elsewhere.

It is beyond true that being passionate about what you do is essential. But if what you're doing doesn't aid in your career progress, primarily as a young professional?

You may be hindering yourself more than you realize. This choice is never an easy one, so here are a few tips on how to decide if it is time to walk away:

  1. Make a list of pros and cons.It sounds cliché completely, but in situations such as this one, it helps. If you lay out in front of you the pros and cons of staying or leaving, you can physically see that sometimes the one advantage of staying because you love your job is outnumbered but the pros of moving on. Doing this can help you navigate into a view of the bigger picture.
  2. Make this decision on your own.Ultimately, this decision is for you. It is your career you are making this decision on, don't let others make it for you. In some occasions, it is essential to reach out to people who may know you well and ask advice, but in the long run, you know yourself better than you think.
  3. Figure out what you love about your job and chase after that. There is a reason why you are having such a hard time deciding to leave or stay. Is it the people you work with? Do you enjoy the work you are doing? Is it the work environment, the audience you interact with or another factor? Find out what it is and pursue that passionately, it will give you guidance to where you may want your future to go. Your career takes up a large part of your life and to make it worthwhile, love what you do.
  4. Realize it is not over.Sometimes what you realize you love is the company you work for but to climb the and try pursuing a career there in the future. You had your foot in the door, keep your options open. A temporary leave to advance in your career isn't a permanent exit from a company you may love. They will most likely appreciate that you left to better yourself and bring more to the table in the future.

And here I am, years later, and much wiser than before.

I cannot be sure what the future holds but the things I have learned from the past three years have given me more insight into my career (and myself) than I ever imagined.

I know what I love, and I love what I do every day. And here I am, ready to chase after that in my blazer and pantsuit.

John  McCabe
John McCabe
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