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Introducing Myself

by Melissa Bryan 2 years ago in career
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I am the Owner/CEO/COO of Umpqua Valley Psychic and Media (The Outlaw Psychic), LLC

I am Little Feather, 16th Great Grand Daughter of Elder White Feather of the VA Iroquois Nation and 14th Great Grand Niece of Dragging Canoe of Western Cherokee Nation. I am Married, no children of my own and for good reason. I am Mom to one Cat Duke and two Dogs, Bandit and Billy. I dream of one day opening a small store of my own and to live simply. I was born in Santa Monica, CA and I am 41 years of age. I don’t own anything except what few physical possessions I am left with and the knowledge that I wish to impart in this Book. I am Pedigreed to 16+ Generations of Family Lineage. As a child, I began to have experiences that I didn’t understand at the time and after a serious injury and illness, I believe that something was left open and never closed again. As I got older, the experiences intensified. Early in life, I had discovered my family’s rich history of Native American Heritage and links to Metaphysical Abilities. There is a long line of Mystics, Psychics, Healers, Shamans and Church Clergy. It seems that the Abilities of which I had closed off and shut down, have come open to a smaller extent, got passed to me from my earliest predecessors. I have also at present time, discovered the name of my Guide. His Name is David. Welcome to my crazy, Psychic, messed up life. I also inherited cell memory from lifetimes past and I know some things without knowing how it got there. I am allergic to Makeup so I rarely wear it. I prefer to be natural. Expect under eye Concealer and Lip Gloss if you meet me. I will explain more in this Book. I don’t claim to be anything special or extraordinary. I am simply me.

I am a Kitchen Table, T – Shirt and Jeans, pot of coffee or Kettle of hot Tea on the Stove, favorite Aunt that you tell your story to. I just simply want to earn a decent living, help pay the bills, earn what I believe that my time is worth. Worldwide fame and riches are not even on my personal radar. It is simply not where my heart is. I am a Country woman at heart. I like a touch of bling, but I like to keep things simple. Terra Cotta, rich colors of Stained Glass, Turquoise and Silver, Pine and Cast Iron, Cotton T – Shirts, Denim Jeans and Leather Boots. I like my Cowboy Style Hats and Western Pattern Coats, Leather Belts and Western Buckles. I am not a fashion plate. I am a throwback to another time. I still like a few modern conveniences where I can get them. I love to read, even if it is online. My Books are my relaxation , with my Cat and Dogs, a couch, a mug of hot Tea and a throw blanket. Western Films and TV Programming allow me to escape into another reality. I like the quiet hush of the forested Mountains and a long drive on a Country back road. I dislike Makeup because it is heavy and feels like a mask. I am mostly allergic to it. It comes right back off the second that I put it on, so I stick to Under Eye Concealer and Lip Gloss. I wear long, fake nails for two reasons. First, it helps draw energy to me with my work and second, my nails won’t grow naturally. I color my hair black because first, that color makes me feel powerful and because it looks natural on me. My favorite color is black. I wear reading glasses because my eyes are bad. I have an inner ear problem that makes my head spin. I am down to earth, no Bullshit, natural, honest and I won’t sell out my Abilities to anyone, for any reason.


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Melissa Bryan

Psychic Medium, Author, Western Films Backgrounds Actress, Small Media Personality.

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