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International Kids Yoga Day

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."

By SUGANYA RPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

International Kids Yoga Day

Children around can practice yoga on April 8, which is International Kids' Yoga Day. Children who practice yoga are better able to relax from the demanding schedules of their regular schools. Additionally, it's a great way to give children a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves, which keeps them grounded. In today's technologically advanced world, children may feel overstimulated trying to keep up with both online and offline happenings. Yoga is a powerful tool for body and mind relaxation because it emphasizes present-moment awareness. Additionally, children's diabetes and obesity are on the rise as a result of bad diets and inactivity. Yoga is a fun form of exercise that doesn't cost a lot of money.

International Kids Yoga Day's past

Yoga is an ancient Indian system of mental, physical, and spiritual exercises. These techniques are meant to regulate and soothe the mind. Many schools of yoga are found in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. Nonetheless, the global practice of modern yoga places more of an emphasis on physical health, stress reduction, and relaxation than it does on spirituality.

Bestselling author Teresa Ann Power established International Kids' Yoga Day in 2016 to encourage kids to use their imaginations while having fun and honoring wellness. In the beginning, this day was celebrated in 18 countries and 45 states in the United States. Children molded themselves into flamingos, windmills, kites, and other kid-friendly yoga poses for five minutes. The event had become more well-known by 2022 and had expanded to 33 nations worldwide.

Ms. Power, a globally renowned authority on kid-friendly yoga, advocates for parents to engage in yoga practice alongside their offspring. In addition to the fitness benefit, kids have a closer relationship with their parents. She notes that when parents and kids participate in enjoyable and healthful activities, their relationship gets better. Ms. Power also wants to ensure that kids can practice yoga regardless of their location, financial status, age, level of athletic ability, or prior yoga experience. She wants to see more kids practice yoga because even five minutes a day may make a big difference in a child's physical and emotional health. Since the event's founding in 2016, almost 450,000 kids, their parents, and teachers have taken part in International Kids' Yoga Day.

International Day of Yoga for Children

Every year on April 8, the world observes International Kids Yoga Day to raise awareness of the health advantages of yoga for kids.

The purpose of the day is to increase awareness of the benefits of yoga for children's general wellbeing, mental and physical health, and mindfulness.

It has been demonstrated that children who practice yoga see improvements in their physical flexibility, balance, and strength as well as improved concentration, focus, and self-esteem.

It can also assist kids in learning how to control their tension and anxiety as well as cultivate inner serenity and tranquility.

2023's International Kids Yoga Day

Every year on April 8th, the world observes International Kids Yoga Day.

This day is devoted to highlighting the advantages of yoga for kids. It can teach them how to cope with tension and anxiety as well as cultivate inner peace and tranquility.

History of International Kids Yoga Day

On April 8, 2016, the inaugural International Kids Yoga Day was observed.

Teresa Anne Power, a children's yoga instructor, created the day in an effort to spread awareness of the health advantages of yoga and inspire more kids to practice.

Teresa Anne Power's children's book "The ABCs of Yoga for Kids" served as the impetus for the creation of International Kids Yoga Day.

She was inspired to spread yoga's positive effects on children's physical and mental well-being after witnessing how much these kids enjoyed the practice.


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