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Interesting Data Science Trends that Would Never Change

by Saajan Sharma 2 years ago in career
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Interesting Data Science Trends that Would Never Change

When I talk to my data scientist friends, we discuss a wide array of subjects in Data Science. We read them like how “outsiders” would discuss genres of literature or music. For us, each category in Data Science is a genre -- albeit a very complex one to distinguish from each other. But, you can start doing this too. A data science certification course is just the thing you need, of course, with 1000 hours of coding and testing practice along with your romantic ordeal with failure with AI ML models and related techniques.

Let’s dig into the top Data Science trends to fire your belly.

(Disclaimer -- sshhhh… some of these are more real than you can imagine )

#1 Cloud is everything, Today!

As data becomes cheaper, the price of collecting, storing, and computing with data also becomes cheaper. But, Big Data management poses a complex challenge to this unique trend -- what can be understood as a flip side of the Murphy Law inference. Today, data sources have become more complicated and the price of data management is way higher than merely collecting it. Cloud is the real value addition that has come to rescue in balancing the demand-supply equation in the modern data science industry.

#2 Heard of a Data Lighthouse?

Wouldn’t have… I just invented it now. Like a lighthouse, data science guides businesses that risk abandoning their workloads in favor of other shiny things such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Simulation capabilities. But, soon, they realize that the basics of Apache Hadoop, TensorFlow, and Databricks still remain as relevant for survival as any other advancing memory computing or in-storage capability.

Apache Hadoop, in conjunction with MapReduce, is your data lighthouse. Follow it!

#3 Nobody Likes to Wait

Time is a luxury for a data scientist and his analyst community. Because, in Data Science, everybody is a competitor and the businesses are growing at such a fast pace that engineers fear to lose the spot and attention in the Cloud economy. The trend that would never go out of fashion or cash is building your own data management module and selling it to the big data companies, like Google or IBM.

#4 Honesty is the best policy in data science as well

Fear of losing the plot is what risks a business opportunity in the data science market. The value of data and its source is only as good as its truthfulness. In meeting the Big Data targets, many companies lose the focus from the Veracity aspect of the compilation, risking not just money but also reputation. As long as your data science tells you to stick to data truthfulness, you are in good hands.

#5 Two Data Sources to Keep your Eye on

The first is customer data. Second, device data -- generated from billions of internet-connected devices, also called by its popular name, the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

What makes data science trends so dynamic is the number of people involved in churning that kind of volume and variety which would keep the Big Data engine running for the next 50 years, at least! And, we have already taken the Big Data pool to the outer space, by launching a series of satellites and communication modules to interact with possible life beings in the space! Can you believe that -- you should, because everyone is online today, on Earth and beyond?

We are just waiting for confirmation from the space.

#6 Virtually, everyone is online

The rapid growth of deep learning techniques has forced every company to realign its business practices towards delivering an experience that resembles a “shopping experience.” In a physical world (I am talking about the pre-internet commerce days of the 80s and 90s), we bought things that we liked--- and needed. Online shopping experiences have changed all that… Now, it’s hard to keep the eyes and fingers away from anything that is forced down to us on our screens.

We are constantly bombarded by shopping ads, and opinions about the products that we may like, but don’t need. That’s the magic of data science working online continuously. It keeps making your experience better, virtually every time you are online. This is not going to change for the next 20 years either.

Screen sizes may differ -- formats may differ, but you would still be finding things you like online with better experiences.

Love challenges? Innovate with these trends!


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Saajan Sharma

Saajan Sharma likes to read and write actively on upcoming HR trends and how HR is reshaping the business landscape. He likes to help businesses stay informed and up to date with established and emerging technologies like Payroll Software.

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