Install The Right odour scrubbers To Prevent Air Pollution and Preserve Good Health

The odour scrubbers can work in almost all the industrial procedures to remove the potentially harmful gas emissions.

Install The Right odour scrubbers To Prevent Air Pollution and Preserve Good Health
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Industrial processes usually result in the emission of harmful gases and other pollutant particles that often contaminate the air. It is essential to purify the air continuously so that the workers at work will not get exposure to toxic substances. Some of the gases that emit during the chemical courses have a pungent smell which makes the air suffocating. With the help of the odour scrubbers, you can control the odour level in the air too.

As the industrial manufacturing processes are always found ongoing, the odour generation will also be a continuous process. So you need the efficient scrubbers that will automatically provide the zero odour performance. Nowadays, you can also get the scrubbers that will not only remove the smell from the air but also the corrosive fumes, which will minimise the pollution level in the indoor air.

A general overview

The odour scrubbers can work in almost all the industrial procedures to remove the potentially harmful gas emissions. It is useful to remove the harmful gases from the indoor air for the safety of the workers as well as to maintain safety at the workplace. The removal of by-products is also an important job of these scrubbers which can accumulate along with the other waste gases like Hydrochloric acid (HCl), Chlorine (Cl2), Sulphur dioxide (SO2), and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S). The combustion of the utilities produces all these toxic gases.

Types of scrubbers

There are two basic varieties of the odour scrubbers. You have to select either the wet scrubber or the dry scrubber depending on the type of industry and nature of the emissions.

• The wet industrial scrubber can remove all the harmful substances from the exhaust gases with the help of a wet substance. The flue gas will pass through the system, and the wet scrubber will spray it with a particular fluid. This special fluid is going to react with the heavy contaminants present in the gas.

• The dry industrial scrubber will spray various dry reagents into the emission that will neutralize the pollutants. The spray can also change the toxic elements into some less toxic form.

Chief purpose

The principle purpose of installing the odour scrubbers is not only controlling the foul smell of the emitted gases but to ensure that the exhaust gases from the industrial plant do not pollute the environment at an alarming level. You can use either of the two types which can eliminate the acidic gases from the exhaust fume effectively. Otherwise, these gases can enter the environmental air layer and may cause acid rain. Both of the scrubbers are effective means to get rid of the toxic elements, but there is some difference which makes it important for you to select the right one.

Advantages of wet scrubber

The odour scrubbers can effectively remove 99% toxic matters from the air, preventing potential harm to the environment. The benefits of using this system are

• Minimum space requirement

• Can Remove corrosive gases

• Removal of harmful gases are one of the strong points.

• Controlling power of high-temperature and high-humidity gas streams

• Handling gas streams containing flammable materials and explosives

• Low initial costs.

Advantages of dry scrubbers

The dry system is effective for the removal of small quantities of pollutant effectively. The advantages of using the scrubber are

• No production of wet sludge.

• Can collect acid gases.

• Minimum space requirement.

• Can handle gas streams at high temperature.

• Negligible maintenance cost.

• Lower control efficiency.

Select your preference

Now it is up to you to consider the factors and decide which odour scrubbers will be the best suitable for your industrial needs. However, the wet scrubbers are technically more powerful than the dry one. Besides removing the odour, the scrubbers can remove much of the particulate forms and will prevent air pollution to a great extent. Installing odour scrubber at the factory will help you to ensure safety.

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