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Benefits of Augmented Reality in First-Time Fix Rate

By Linda MalecajPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Every business aims to have a high first-time fix rate, that consists in avoiding multiple site visits and the additional costs that go along with that— the lack of knowledge in the field and interruptions of operational processes. The low degree of first-time fix rates is being caused by various factors that are intended to be combated by businesses while adopting new technologies such as Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality is showing concrete benefits for businesses that are looking for new innovative ways to improve their first-time fix rate on service calls. Businesses operating in various industrial fields are using Augmented Reality as a tool to provide field technicians with quick solutions while performing complex tasks.

During an unexpected problem that may occur businesses need to send an expert for site visits, sometimes even for several times. In addition to the interruptions that cause in operational processes, all costs of site-visits are billed to the business, taking into account the spent time or the availability of the expert. What causes delays in resolving complex issues most of the time is the lack of knowledge that field teams have. The way to minimize this is to have the expert directly contact the field worker and provide appropriate guidance to resolve the problem on the first try without the need for a second consultation. To enable this direct connection between the expert and the field worker, Augmented Reality provides Remote Support that enables remote collaboration in real-time by reducing time and costs.

To achieve a first-time fix with the help of Augmented Reality field workers have constant access to the right knowledge and guidance provided in real-time by experts. The first-time fix rate is drastically improved by having a workforce empowered with permanent knowledge that helps in quickly understanding the problem and solving it. Through AR-Remote Support, experts have the ability to view high-resolution visual displays of field workers’ task performance and train them step by step in accordance with different needs. Another strategy to increase the first-time fix rate is ​​to use the AR Remote Support to archive all previously performed sessions while solving a problem, this provides solutions for later usage in case of occurrence of the same issue.

Let’s see how Augmented Reality helps in a concrete way to improve first-time fix rate:

Enhanced inspection options: If the issue is quite complex and requires detailed inspection, thanks to Remote Support enabled by Augmented Reality experts have access to real-time environment view and the ability to guide. This will reduce the tendency of technicians to cause fatal errors that affect not only work interruptions but even loss of human lives.

Improved work-force: Augmented Reality helps in equipping field workers with all the information they need, in real-time, to enable easy identification of problems and to find the most efficient solutions.

Facilitated collaboration: Augmented Reality brings together experts and field workers at the same desk to work on the same issue. This remote collaboration provides field workers with the ability to get their questions answered by experts quickly, via smart devices.

As we touched upon above, first-time fix rate is a major factor driving the long term viability of any business and its improvements provide technicians to better manage their workflow, schedule more tasks and accomplish more on the worksite in less time. With recent integrations of technologies such as Augmented Reality, businesses tend to stay more profitable, allocate less resources to complete a job, and invest in the next task without repeated service visits to resolve lingering service demands. Through the use of AR-Remote Support, technicians have access to critical service data and essential knowledge to resolve any problem that might be faced. Augmented Reality improves efficiently and effectively businesses’ first-time fix rate by increasing the work capacity that the field team has to perform at the lowest possible operational cost.


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Linda Malecaj

Marketing Specialist at Vsight: Remote Help and Maintenance with Augmented Reality.

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