I Got Fired From My Job!

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Horrible Jobs

I Got Fired From My Job!

This is a story I thought I would never tell. It's something I'm quite embarrassed by; however, I don't necessarily think the whole scenario was my fault. I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world who has been dismissed from their job, but there couldn't have been a worse time for me to get fired. This has inspired me to start writing about all the jobs I had because every job I seem to have been in, there has always been an issue; whether it's the managers bullying me, me uncertain of whether I'm going to be kept on or not, or other staff members moaning and talking about everybody. I'm going to start the segment called: Horrible Jobs, where I'm going to write all about my jobs, and what went right and wrong in the end.With the most current job I've been in, it started this Monday just past, and I was going to work in this pharmacy twenty hours a week. When I first started the job, in the back of my mind, I knew I shouldn't get my hopes up if everything goes right in the day, because every job I've had, something has gone wrong, and everybody I lived with was like, "Oh but this may be something you want to do for a while." Sadly, you can't tell that after only working there three days.

The first two shifts were fantastic, I got on with the team extremely well, I feel as if I picked up everything very quickly, as I said in my interview, "I'm a fast learner." Generally, I really enjoyed this job; it was only four hours a day, which is nothing and it would have been perfect to work around with university and my unborn child. It all came crashing down on the third day. My boss didn't seem to have any patience with me that day; in her eyes, it seems as if I was doing everything wrong, from counting the money in the till, opening the doors, printing off orders, putting the orders together, answering the phone. She went out for about three hours to the other pharmacies that we worked with, and she left me to do the orders and answer the phone along with taking queries from customers. I did have other members of staff, but they were the pharmacists who were getting the medication for customers, and it's risky for them to come away from what they're doing because it's easy for them to get medication mixed up, or put in the incorrect quantity. I was completely fine with doing everything on my own—that day just didn't seem to be her day. Even when she called the pharmacy, I answered "... pharmacy" and I didn't hear anybody there, so I then said "Hello?" and then suddenly she snaps at me and replies, "hHw do you answer the phone?!" I replied, "... pharmacy." "Right, well can you please do that?" If I'm honest, I felt like walking out at that point. I hate it when people talk to me like I have no common sense because nobody deserves to be spoken to like that. But I tried to remain calm, and not take it personally; my priority and most important thing in my life is my child, and to care and look after this child, I need money. I remember that whole morning, I felt my heart about to pop out my chest because I did feel like I was walking on eggshells that day; it was horrific. When she got back from the other pharmacies, she shouted at me for not having the orders done in time, in front of customers and other people that were waiting for her to interview them. It was so degrading. I was supposed to leave an hour latar then I did, but she told me to go home early, and she also told me that I could try again tomorrow.I left work and came home, and did some university work. I spoke to my counsellor on BetterHelp. I was telling her that I wanted to leave that job so badly, and she told me that I'm taking it too personally. She's probably just having an off day; I listened to her, and eventually I calmed down and forgot about the whole thing, and I reminded myself of why I was working there in the first place. And then at about seven at night, I get an email from the pharmacy saying that my services are no longer required—without a reason why.You would think that after three days, somebody would have a bit of patience to let you pick up the pieces of what to do and what not to do.Has anyone else ever been treated like that in a job?

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