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I discovered something about YouTube and I want to reveal it to all of you

How to reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube

By Dalmy AlvesPublished 9 months ago 3 min read
I discovered something about YouTube and I want to reveal it to all of you
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This article will provide you with some tips on how to reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

There are many ways to get more subscribers on YouTube. Here are just a few of them:

- Do a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

- Create content regularly

- Be consistent and persistent

- Be unique and original

- Provide value and entertainment to your audience

- And don't forget the CTA (Call to action)

It's not easy to reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube. But it's not impossible either.

There are many ways to get started with YouTube and grow your following.

The key is consistency and patience. It takes time to build a loyal following on YouTube, so don't expect results overnight:

- Create an attractive thumbnail for your video

- Use keywords in the title of your video that will be searched for by potential viewers

- Share the video on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites

Do a good SEO which is to optimize your videos and your channel with keywords so that they are found at the top of the searches of all search engines including YouTube.

SEO outside of YouTube

By Carlos Muza on Unsplash

You will create a document where you will put all the tags related to the words you speak in your video and open the properties of the video before uploading it to your channel, in the properties go to details, and in "comments" add the tags.

Do the same in the thumbnail properties.

SEO within YouTube

By Stephen Phillips - on Unsplash

Now here, in addition to the title being searchable and having the keywords or tags prepared, you will create the description to add each word/tag in the same description;

And this description at the top will put the title of the video and only then comes the description, the first words of the description must be the same as the first 15 seconds of your video.

Instead of YouTube tags, add the prepared tags, add the optimized thumbnail, and don't forget to link to other videos on your channel that are linked to what you are posting.

This will make YouTube understand that they are linked and this is how you will recommend them, they will become suggested videos.

Make videos that offer solutions for people, but I want to say something about sharing your videos.

The YouTube platform has a very well-prepared algorithm that understands a lot when a video is good and when it isn't, but it has its means of dissemination and delivery of videos.

If your video is optimized as I explained, the YouTube algorithm will know how to read it and deliver it to people who are interested in subjects of the same genre as yours, so don't believe anyone who says that defining a niche is not important.

This is how YouTube delivers videos, reading the optimization done on it, and your biggest source of traffic will be within the platform and beyond, now when you share a lot, it stops delivering because you start to have a bigger source of external traffic than the interior.

And what about subscribers? When your content is good and adds value to people, people will thank you, the minority, but for them to be a good number, don't forget the CTA, ask them to leave a like but not automatically, say why you need a like, comment and registration, and so the number of subscribers will grow and you can exceed 1000.

YouTube can be a source of extra income for you, I got 1000 subscribers, I need 4000 hours of viewing, we will and we will win.

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