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Human Happiness: According To Quran

by Aisha Mohammad 4 months ago in religion
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Reflections on happiness from Quran.

During Ramadan, I was reflecting on the Quran while hearing it read.

Ramadan is the month of the Quran and it is the month in, which the Quran was revealed.

For this reason, Muslims are encouraged to read the Quran as much as possible.

Completion of reading the Quran often takes place during the evening prayers or tarawih prayers in Ramadan.

We are not only asked to read the Quran but to reflect on its meaning.

I was reflecting on the Quranic verses this Ramadan and came to many new understandings that I had not had previously.

One of these concerns the descriptions of paradise in the Quran.

When hearing about the descriptions of paradise in the Quran it suddenly came to my mind that in paradise there are none of the things that we strive towards and think that they will bring us happiness.

There are no mobile phones, laptops, computers, televisions, cars, or even money.

People will have food come to them readily and prepared the way they choose so there is no need for buying and selling.

In fact, the more I think about it the more it seems that they may actually be causes of our unhappiness at times.

I mean, constant use of mobile phones and the internet has been linked to depression.

I also remember once reading about Naomi Campbell and how she was put in prison for attacking someone.

She had her mobile phone taken from her during this time.

When it was finally given back to her and she was released she said how peaceful she felt without having a mobile phone.

She was able to reflect on herself and take time for herself.

Even though we try to use mobile phones and laptops to “keep in touch,” and “save time,” as well as decrease stress it seems that at times they have the opposite effect.

There are also many miserable people who have a lot of money.

Therefore, although people may argue that the Quran was revealed before such things were invented and that’s why they are not mentioned, I think that they are not the sort of things that we would really wish to have with us anyway in truth.

They are things to help us get by in this life, in this day and age, but do not lead to happiness.

So what leads to happiness?

Interestingly, while pondering the notion of happiness from the description of paradise, I came across a podcast discussing what the real causes of happiness are.

Someone had interviewed people throughout their lifespan from when they were very young to when they were older and such people often regretted the times they had put their work or other issues before their relationships.

Most of the people in the study recalled that maintaining and keeping up good connections with their loved ones were the things that brought them happiness.

Many wished they had given more time to their relationships.

The Quran also often mentions the people of paradise reclining with their spouses and being with family members.

A hadith of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says you will be with who you love.

Another hadith says that there are no single people in paradise.

Everyone will be married even those not married in this life.

Married people in this life will be with the same spouse in the next life.

There will also not be any envy, hatred, Ill feeling, Ill will, anger and resentment, or negative feelings and problems that occur in relationships.

People will be able to visit each other and people will be able to reach other places on beds that go from place to place.

In fact, we are even told that in this life keeping up ties of kinship and visiting relatives are what increase lifespan and blessings in life.

Another important part of the rewards of paradise is eating and drinking.

People eat different fruits and from the meat of birds that come down to them and drink from rivers of milk and honey.

Of course, people can eat and drink whatever they want.

However, food is something social at times which I think is the reason they are mentioned with their families.

And it is very hard to be happy when you are hungry and in need of food.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs before a person is able to self-actualise they need to fulfill their basic needs.

These include the need for food and sustenance and later on needs for safety, acceptance, and so forth.

Since people in paradise will be eating whatever they want and the best food possible that we cannot imagine and live in places like castles and have good relationships with people without arguments and fighting it seems that all such needs according to Maslow’s theory would be met.

I also remember watching a video by the Body Language Guy on YouTube when he said he did not agree that Prince Harry would be unhappy married to Meghan Markle.

After all, he said, he got what he wanted, which was a wife and family.

He added that it does not take much to make many people happy.

A lot of people are happy if you give them a pizza and their choice of drink.

Therefore, if such is the case it is not so surprising that people would be happy in paradise without many of the things we strive for in this life.

And that it is indicated that the truly happy life is a life wherein we have access to good food and drink that sustains us and have good company and relationships around us as well as living in spacious abodes and being entirely safe from all kinds of harm.

Greenery and gardens also are something that lifts the spirits and brings happiness to the soul.

At times when I feel bored or a bit sad, I like to walk in the park or any place that is green.

Greenery is said to calm the spirits.

Being around nature is also good for us psychologically and even walking barefoot on grass is said to be good for us.

The descriptions of paradise in the Quran take place in gardens and are surrounded by greenery.

Therefore, I took something from the perception of paradise that although we cannot have everything exactly as paradise on this earth, we can still get an idea of where happiness may lie.

We can then try to improve our lives to maintain a degree of happiness on this earth as much as we can when we understand what would really make us happy.

This article was originally published on my medium account.


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