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Howards End and Persuasion Book Reviews

by Mehedi Hasan Shawon 6 months ago in book review
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Howards End and Persuasion Book Reviews
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Book reviews

The novel "Howards End", written by the famous author EM Foster, was published in 1910. In the novel, social gatherings indicate England's relationship with the Code of Conduct.

Many have described the novel as one of Foster's best writings or masterpieces. The author planned to write the book in 1908, and the novel was completed in July 1910.

The story revolves around three twentieth-century families. Wilcox, a lucky bourgeoisie made during the colonial period. Semi-German Schlegel siblings, who have a lot in common with the cultural pursuits and the Bloomsbury Group.

And last but not least, a young couple from a lower-class background. The intelligent Schlegel sisters are idealists, they help the struggling busts and want to free Wilcox from some of their superstitions.

While in Germany, the two families met Schlegels and Wilcox and developed a friendly relationship. The younger Schlegel's daughter, Helen, met Howard and Wilcox at their country home.

He was attracted to Paul, the son of the young Wilcox, but they soon regretted their decision and broke off the engagement by mutual consent.

The following year, Wilcox moved to London and moved into an apartment near Schlegels' home. Margaret Wilcox Matriarch formed a friendship with Ruth.

Ruth's best relationship is with Howard's End. She is attracted to the old house which cannot be shared by her husband and children. Ruth suddenly became very ill and wrote a note to Howard and Margaret on her deathbed.

But the widow, Henry Wilcox, was terrified by the note. He and his children burned the note without informing Margaret about her legacy.

Leonard was living with Bust but he was not married to Jackie She is a weak "prostitute" for whom she feels responsible.

The friendship between Henry and Margaret turns into a romance and Henry proposes to Margaret. Henry's children do not like their mother's engagement. But in reality, his eldest son and wife oppose it. They fear that Margaret will inherit their Howard End.

Persuasion Book Review

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Jane Austen's novel is "Persuasion". Published in late 1817 and six months after the author's death, with Northanger Abbey. The novel was published on December 20, 1818. But the title was dated 1818.

The story revolves around Ayan Elliott, a young woman of 27 years. He wants to reduce his family's expenses and reduce their debt by renting a house to an admiral and his wife. Captain Frederick Wentworth, brother of the wife of the Navy, and his engagement to Ann was completed in 1806. But her family and friends persuaded Ann to break up their engagement.

Ann and Captain Wentworth have no relationship and are unmarried. They reunite after a long seven-year separation. This created the opportunity for love and marriage for the second time between them.

The novel became popular in the early 19th century. But after this century the popularity of the novel increased further and continued till the 20th and 21st centuries. Many studies and scholarly debates have been published on Austen's work. The role of the heroines in his novels is significant for Austen's writing.

Austen's last finished work is Persuasion. It is therefore recognized as the most complete novel that shows the special maturity and refinement of a forty-year-old female writer. By 1818, his style of indirect narration in the novel had been completed.

Austen's novels and other literary works have been shown through several. In places like television, radio, theater, etc.

The story begins seven years after Ann Elliott's broken engagement to Frederick Wentworth. Ann fell in love when she was only nineteen. He agreed to Wentworth's marriage proposal. Wentworth was then a young and distinguished naval officer.

Wentworth is widely regarded as a shrewd, confident, and ambitious person. But because of Ann's low social status, everyone thought she was unfit.

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