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How Using Postcards Could Help Your Business with Higher Engagement Rates and Direct Sales?

Are you looking for real estate postcards in Canada? This story is for you.

By shirin habibzadehPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Real Estate Postcards

Postcards help you keep in touch with your prospective clients. You can choose the targeted audience of these real estate postcards carefully. Therefore, you know exactly who and where has received these cards. As a marketing strategy, these postcards help you assess the success rates of using them as well. In time, you can see the evidence of how many receivers will contact you in the future. We know that postcards are practical tools. There is no doubt about that.

However, you should find a real estate printing supplier who is capable of giving you a top-quality product. Today’s world is getting more and more online. So, you may find some credible online printing suppliers such as Agent Print. Different real estate printing companies are now giving their services online. Then, you can ask yourself about the things you need to know before ordering these postcards. You will also need to have more information about who is the best target audience. Plus, you can find out more about the elements you can incorporate into your design to see the full effects.

Who to Send These Postcards to?

After you choose a supplier, you can focus on the options you look for in a postcard. Your object is to reach more prospective buyers or sellers. So, there are two ways to send out these cards. First, you could choose a neighborhood with many houses suitable for renovation or ready-to-sell properties. You can mail your postcards to these houses directly. The other way is to send them out directly to those clients you know about. They could be the people who have had closed deals with you or your company. Is there another place to gather a list of names for these postcards? Yes. The receivers could be from a list of prospective buyers you have met at an open house event, to name one.

Real Estate Flyers

Either way, your purpose is to keep your place somewhere in clients’ minds. It is essential to meet new people in this industry. But what matters, even more, is to keep the relations you have had with people from the past. A real estate postcard is a friendly step toward people who think highly of you. This way, they will not forget about you. A real estate presentation folder with real estate flyers, postcards, and maybe a real estate booklet help you achieve your goal.

Real Estate Presentation Folders

What Are the Advantages of Sending Postcards?

Postcards, as a marketing tool, have their advantages. These benefits make them ideal for some businesses. A real estate business relies heavily on the relations you keep with people. The healthier and friendlier connections you have, the more chances are for you to get newer listings. But you want to do this economically. Postcards are cost-effective. It means you invest a small amount of money in your business, and later the results are multiplied by that initial cost. Plus, buying in bulk numbers will reduce the price even more. Of course, you need to check for these offers before finalizing your order. Checking these discounts is much simpler on online websites.

Why should we use business postcards?

  • To build trust and keep in touch with prospects
  • They are cost-effective options
  • Versatility
  • Assessable results of using this marketing tool

What Events Call for Sending Out Postcards?

There are various occasions where postcards seem a logical marketing tool. The versatility of postcards allows you to use them for different events and reasons. For example, is there an upcoming event you think people are interested in? Why not send out postcards to let people know about its date and location. Sometimes, there are events where everybody can go. But you know some clients may be highly suitable to attend them. For example, an open house welcomes almost everyone. But you could send out these postcards to separately invite some individuals or families there. Choosing these clients depends on your inner compass. You should realize if a listing is what these people are looking for or not. To offer these unique services, you need to be creative and have your mind work like a clock sometimes.

Another purpose of postcards could be to boost your visibility. You could work on your branding and introduce yourself into a neighborhood or to some prospects. With these postcards, you could work on making your brand memorable in people’s minds.

You want to sell properties, yes. But more than that, you can work on selling the idea that you are the one real estate agent or company. You can show your prospects that people need you. Focusing on this matter will help you with your brand recognition. Prospective clients will know you are there and ready to offer your services. Moreover, they will know you are practical and professional in doing what you do best. As a marketing tool, pictures and attention-grabbing information will boost engagement rates considerably.

Broadcast Your Latest Events and Services

As it was said, postcards are versatile. So, you can use them for different occasions. Is there an event coming up next on your work calendar? Why not let people know about it, as well? You can create feelings of demand toward your programs. If you think a target audience is suitable for your conference, event or show, feel free to invite them all.

Have you expanded or changed your area of activity? Are you now offering your services in more neighborhoods? You could tell the people who do not know about you using postcards. You may be a highly professional and favorable business where you used to work. But you want to put time and energy into investing in introducing yourself into newer areas, as well.

Suitable occasions for sending out business postcards:

  • To inform and invite prospects to the latest events: open houses, conferences, or shows
  • To inform about the services you offer and your area of activity
  • To introduce your business more to the targeted audience
  • To help you with your branding strategies

What Can You Include on Real Estate Postcards?

Postcards are supposed to represent you as professional real estate agents or brokers. Therefore, it is wise to include your latest unique sales and projects. Your latest events, plans, and a brief introduction from your portfolio can reach out to prospects best.

As a rule of thumb, you can see things from the perspective of your clients. Is a specific piece of information interesting to them? What excites them? What are the features they are looking for? Show that you are the person and business capable of giving them the services they require. You want to please your clients. Therefore, they should see what they expect of their real estate agent on your postcards. The effects of this kind of postcard can persuade them to choose you.

As an instance, you can point out the latest property deal you closed. You can mention its features. People will relate to the idea of getting the same level of services. Or, you could introduce the latest listing you have on sale. More people will know about it, and you can expect a higher chance of getting it sold sooner to the right client. You can also send out thank you notes in return for the support of some of your business associates or clients. You may use any related event or ceremony to take your business name into the hands and houses of your prospects.

Some things to put on a postcard:

  • You and your company name, logo, and contact information
  • The latest events, properties on sale, or sold
  • Appreciation notes to supporters
  • product review

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