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How to write the perfect email subject line

If your emails CTR isn't that high, see here how to write the perfect email subject line and how it will increase your emails CTR

By ghadermPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

Email marketing is one of the most important things for everyone who wants to work online because of how it makes everything easier and because it's an important factor to be successful in your work

To be successful in email marketing that means you should have a high click-through rate or "CTR" for your emails because when you have a high click-through rate that means a lot of people are opening your emails and seeing your letter

In one of our previous articles we talked about how to have a high click-through by writing the perfect email so in this article, I will talk about how to write the best subject line for your emails

You may think that this thing isn't important but to be honest with you this is one of the most important things in email marketing because when your audience sees your email subject line as attractive they will visit your email and that of course means a high click through it

How to write the perfect Subject Line?

To write the perfect subject line we must consider three very important things which are Attention - Benefit -curiosity

We can put these three things under the title: The A, B, and C Rule

A: Attention

B: Benefit

C: Curiosity

Attention means that you should attract the eye of the viewer So when he sees your email subject line he will be interested in your content

Benefit means that the viewer should know the benefit he will get from visiting your email or opening your email

And security curiosity stands for The things that will help the viewer

Now let's take examples to make everything easy and simple

Let's say the subject line is: fat? 7 tips to make you thinner

Now let's see if this subject line satisfies our rule When you said fat? you caught the other person's attention.

When he sees the first word, he'll say yes, I'm fat. What do we have here

And when you said "make you thinner", you mentioned the benefit the person will get when he opens your email

Also, when you said "7 tips", here you included curiosity in your subject line so, the other person would say seven tips? I want to see that

Now to make things easier for you. I will recommend this free tool that will help you to test your subject line

this tool is a site called just put your subject line in the text box and click on "Test Subject Now" and the tool will tell you how much your email subject line is good by giving it a rate from 100%

Another way to write a perfect email subject line is to personalize your email by mentioning the name of the audience and you can do this easily by using email services like MailChimp and other services. Of course when you personalize your email that will increase the attention of the viewer when he saw his name

Let's take a second example now and let's say the subject line is: "hello john: see how to get more traffic to your website"

As you see in this example we have mentioned the name of the person who will receive the email, so we personalize the email and of course, grab the attention and you will get a perfect result for this subject line also

Now if you already have followers who know you and love your content, you can go directly to the benefit such as: How to increase your sales online? Because in this method you already have the attention of the audience when they saw that he received an email from you and of course, your content will be curiosity so so if you are a YouTuber they will know that he will get a course from you

It was my method to write the perfect subject line and to increase your CTR. I hope you enjoyed it and find it useful

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