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How to write Podcast script

use Transcribe for better result

By Mohit ChawlaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
How to write Podcast script
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Today, I tell you my mind. I always listen to my heart! Today my heart speaks to tell you my What do I do I am a podcaster full-time podcaster.

Is match, make a podcast, upload Editing, and distributing it. You can speak to me, then why physio Mohit is a podcaster. Physio Mohit means Physical Therapist Mohit Chawla podcaster it.

So the beginning of a podcast! I watch Garry vee videos as a regular watch

Then I talk about what is online, I did not work hard. I'm taking action less nowadays to know the reason for what I have, I am making this podcast. Because when I resign from my job, that is when I left my job. So at that time, I promised myself that I would work 12:00, 13 hours.

But won't work under anybody because I'm an educated Country's responsibility is on me, the responsibility of my country is on me. I used to think that look at those whose mind is not Their mindset business people with jobs should only do He should take the risk.

Now today's date is 6 October 2020. I am glad that I have made an amount equal to my fees but now I am not getting any money from the podcast. Now!

This time my ass is torn. Because? I thought of tolerating the same income I never thought that if! Digging was special This podcast's business ends with What will you do then

I remember this thing but I slept, slept, slept, slept, slept, I was living my Works for a little over 2 hours and online videos for the rest of the day, watching porn online, online, watching wifi, watching movies, watching Netflix.

And smelling inside your brain too. You understand what I am Sharing your experience is the most expensive thing. so? Now! While I'm still making podcasts, I have an awareness of my True poverty speak

so? Today it is true that making videos and creating podcasts is what keeps you happy to keep yourself happy. It helps to give yourself a direction. This direction means the director.

You mean I mean the director of your life you are the author of your life! Now I am thinking I have not received ₹ 1 from YouTube yet. Not even 0.011 What does it mean that I should do another income stream is freelancing so that my monthly revenue of thousand dollars.

Monthly revenue to be collected, I should learn Milan Singh, once I am within the same rate side, I should flaunt what I You will know, then good singing is a good website this up work as well as what is cyber! But! Besides, I have no other way. Teasing me my My exams are coming, on 21 October 2020, my Net Micah Repairer came for the second Why no 1 is happening, how is it happening but my ass is torn.

Because? My English is weak admin Ji also did not improve on his So far it was in 2020. Promise that I will improve my English till Diwali I have to talk about my eyes right now. Bye-bye good night for now and now your brother is doing freelancing

But freelancing is not easy. I find out by myself. Such as making an excel sheet such as. Garage band. Learn it

Such as images for editing on is a very good site I miss you to learn about graphic design and very useful for you. I tell you what?

Nothing is difficult. If you believe it is difficult then it is difficult if you believe it is easy, it is easy. I think audio in water in birth audio sitting at home. I feel the water in my bones sitting at home.

Bikos because I'm getting I keep going in the comfort zone. I am from today as well as going into overthinking depression destitution. I know how to treat it. Start Shepherd again, start making videos again and everything will go away.

So that's why the board will get regular today than you have a good day support mode podcast support Mohit Chawla both youtube channel is your own. bye Bye

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I personally believe self made is not 100 % true.

Every person has got help by certain people.. They may be mentor, friends and team members but they surely are a part of their successful career.

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